The Benefits of Reddit Marketing to Advertising Agencies


Reddit Marketing is a web-based service which allows the Internet user to create and maintain custom online communities based on particular interests, topics, or maybe a niche. The user can then submits articles, vote on content, and interact with other members of the community. They’ve a flair page which comprises a summary of all kinds of posts, along with a link to the person’s profile page where they can manage their personal information and make groups. This form of advertising is particularly effective and has proven to be a very effective way of reaching out to prospective customers for any kind of Internet related venture.

Reddit advertising, like many website advertising strategies, revolves around three central elements: user demographics, editors, and editing behavior. The first element is that the user demographics. A study by IBM Research found that editors tend to be on the older side of the online population, with a median age of 50. This makes sense since the vast majority of redditors are likely to be users of older technologies, such as browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The second aspect of redditors entails the content they find on the site. Search engines rank websites based on the relevance they offer. The relevance of a website directly affects the amount of traffic it receives and therefore how much money it makes. This is the reason websites that have relevant and current content to receive more visitors from search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The third component of redditor marketing is editing behavior. A user might subscribe to a website or forum and after reading a few articles they opt to comment on the post in a bid to foster the advertiser, or simply share a common interest with others in the discussion. By participating in these sorts of conversations, the editor creates a picture of themselves as an active contributor to this site, which is what advertisers want.

Now that we’ve identified the three basic elements of redditor marketing, the question is how to take advantage of these to promote the interests of the advertiser. The very best way is for the editor to combine his or her interests with the interests of the website. A good example would be purchasing travel coupons through redditors who are also regular travelers. This way, a promotion agency can improve its reach by focusing on one small segment of the population.

The fourth and final component is marketing itself. Since redditors are active contributors to the website, they have nothing to hide and will willingly share any information they can about their interests and website’s products and services. The advertising agency simply has to connect with these individuals and present them with choices. During this linking, the advertising campaign gets interactive and more private, and that is how reddit marketing benefits the advertiser.


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