The Benefits of Using a Spray Foam Gun

Getting the best type of spray foam gun for the projects you do is essential to your business success. Many contractors find they can reduce energy usage by up to 70% by using a spray foam gun. If you are looking for a spray foam gun understanding the different types and their uses will help you make the right decision.

What Are the Different Types of Spray Foam Guns?

Mechanical purge guns, air purge guns, and solvent purge guns are the different types of spray foam guns available. The process used by all these spray guns is identical–keep the chemicals separated until the spring mechanism is activated. The difference between them is how the gun expels the foam insulation material. These are some of the advantages of spray foam guns that you should understand before you make a decision.

Health and Safety

A polyurethane gun’s transfer efficiency is higher than other spray foam guns and there is less overspray. Therefore, the product is safe to use. This type of spray foam insulation gun is recommended by various states and local authorities because of its job site safety record and because spray foam contractors are safe during the application process.

Reduced Overspray

Over spraying wastes time and increases overall project cost. Using a good-quality spray foam gun ensures you apply the proper amount of insulation evenly in the area being treated. This means easier control due to less pressure and more air in the gun and less insulation material wasted by over-spraying. It also means less pollution, which makes the gun excellent for the environment.

Quality of Results

The polyurethane spray foam gun enables you to deliver consistent results to customers and helps you minimize labor costs while accelerating the entire application process. It is convenient to browse online to order Graco spray equipment.


You will discover that you only need a few hours to complete jobs using spray foam equipment due to the polyurethane spray foam gun’s transfer efficiency. When you combine them with high-quality spray foam machines, you will notice an improvement in performance level.

Trying to choose the right spray foam gun for your specific project can be daunting. Understanding the basics of how they work and working with expert industry suppliers that work with top manufacturers will ensure you buy a spray foam gun that meets your needs.

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