The Benefits Of Using The FD & C Colors

The Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics (FD & C) colors are those that have obtained the approval of the FDA, for usage in wide-ranging products. As indicated by the name, these colors are added to several foods, drugs, and cosmetics. Here, it is worth noting that the FDA gives clearance for these colors only after they have successfully gone through stringent testing. Now, it would be worthwhile to focus on a few more points about the FD & C colors.

• Some of these colors can be used only for limited purposes, while others are used more extensively.
• Oftentimes it is observed that the term “lake” succeeds the name of an FD & C color. It means that a mineral such as aluminum or calcium is blended with this color. Here, we have to mention that these kinds of colors do not get dissolved in water.
• FDA continuously performs various tests on the FD & C colors to ensure that the safety of the end users is not compromised.
• In case any of those tests reveal that a given color could risk the well-being of users, FDA immediately revokes approval of the concerned product.
• In some cases, when any of the colors fail to adhere to guidelines on purity, it’s mandated that they be used solely for industrial purposes. Such colors are not permitted to be included in products directly used by people.
• The uniqueness of the FD & C colors is such that, over some time; they become synonymous with the products. The color shade becomes the identity of a product.

Benefits of FD & C colors:

• At this juncture, it won’t be inappropriate to briefly elaborate on the benefits of using these colors that have been certified by the FDA.
• First and foremost, as these colors conform to the standards stipulated by the FDA, their usage doesn’t negatively affect the safety of consumers.
• Large-scale scientific research has been carried out on the FD & C colors. Subsequently, many of these colors have been labeled as being permanently safe to be mixed in cosmetics, drugs, and food products.
• Though there are some blogs and articles that raise questions about safety of these colors, by and large there is no need for people to be overly worried. At any time, the FDA-approved colors are safer alternatives to the other variants devoid of such safety-related certifications.
• Additionally, when the users are careful enough to use the products only as per the given directions, the colors won’t do any harm. People only stand to gain from using FD & C colors over non-FD & C colors
• The aspect of ‘safe to use isn’t the only element to be considered while buying products that contain the FD & C colors. It has to be highlighted that when the colors get added, the products appear more attractive. For instance, the dyes come with a brilliant shade enhancing the aesthetic value. Likewise, bakery foods and ice-creams attain an enhanced and appealing appearance. In the same way, it is primarily because of these colors that differentiating between various medicines becomes simpler.
• When we speak of food products that have FD & C colors, a point has to be specially mentioned. The colors in no way impact the natural taste of the product. They don’t bring in any unwanted flavors to the foods, either.

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