The Benefits of Windows 7 Ultimate

If you own your own business, you know that purchasing the right software can have a huge impact on productivity and profitability. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best software to help your business grow. Instead, with just windows 7 ultimate key, you can try the system which has been designed by Microsoft to help small businesses like yours be more successful at running your company and making money. Windows 7 Ultimate is easy to use and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think it would.

Faster Boot Times

Boot times have been reduced significantly in Windows 7 Ultimate and it is now more responsive than ever. This results in a drastically faster user experience, especially on PCs with small hard drives. For example, when installing Windows 7 Ultimate on a 3 GB disk (the minimum required disk space), boot time reduces by over 70%. Boot time can be further decreased by partitioning your drive with a small (less than 1GB) system partition and storing everything else in another partition or multiple partitions. With such partitions, you will find that there is very little delay between pressing start and seeing your desktop.

Faster Shutdown Times

Ultimate includes an application called Fast Startup that allows Windows to shut down faster than ever. It can take as little as two seconds for your PC to turn off and less than 20 seconds for it to restart—with all of your open documents, programs, and Windows settings still intact. This benefit alone can make switching from a non-Ultimate Windows 7 to getting your windows 7 ultimate product key worth it alone if you’re currently using an older version of Windows or Linux. But there are even more reasons why you should upgrade too Ultimate.

Increased Security Through BitLocker

BitLocker is an extremely important feature in Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s Microsoft’s drive encryption system that allows users to encrypt drives with a user-created key, preventing anyone from reading data off a compromised machine. With BitLocker in place, you’re more likely to keep your data secure if your computer falls into nefarious hands. The benefit of using BitLocker comes as soon as you turn it on; if someone steals your computer without also stealing your password or recovery key, he or she won’t be able to read any data off of your hard drive. Also, if you forget your password or lose a USB recovery key, BitLocker makes it easier for you to access those tools because they aren’t stored on one piece of hardware.

Better Remote Desktop Experience

Before, remote desktop in Vista was difficult. For instance, if I’m using a Windows XP notebook computer and I have it connected to a Windows Vista desktop as well as a Windows Server 2008 machine, remote desktop was problematic and it wasn’t easy to get going. With windows 7 ultimate key, Remote Desktop works very well and makes access much easier than before. You can also pin your favorite servers onto your taskbar to make them quick and easy to access when you need them most.

Easy Implementation of Group Policies

Windows 7 makes it easy to implement Group Policies in your organization. You have full control over software deployment, security settings and other important policies that make your network secure and safe from external attacks. With Windows 7 Ultimate you can even manage policies on remote computers as well. So, if you want to keep things under control, go for Windows 7 Ultimate.

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