The best 3 OpenCart modules for your eCommerce store

Yes, we will talk about the best 3 OpenCart modules. However, before that let’s know more about OpenCart. OpenCart is perhaps one of eCommerce’s most popular open-source systems. The OpenCart platform is responsible for over 900,000 eCommerce websites. Therefore, the best 3 OpenCart modules are clearly the best favored for the commercial trader. Perhaps the most excellent eCommerce platform that is easy to use. OpenCart was selected across the world by traders because of its modules. The rationale behind this.

These best 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband are wonderful. Knowband is perhaps OpenCart’s most popular and trustworthy merchant.

OpenCart One Page Checkout

Online shoppers are not prepared to make an online purchase from an eCommerce business with a lengthy checkout process. As a result, business owners must reduce down the checkout fields and maintain the essential advancements only on the single page checkout. Customers may finish their purchases with perfect knowledge thanks to the OpenCart One Page Checkout. The OpenCart One Page Checkout is the finest feature for lowering the bounce rate at the checkout page.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

eBay is a well-known platform for the online sale of a wide range of items. Selling on eBay Marketplace exposes your items to a larger audience. You can easily link your eCommerce store with the marketplace using the OpenCart eBay Integrator Connector. The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration module’s fundamental capabilities include basic profile management, mass product listing, and more.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

The Google Shopping Integrator for OpenCart is the seamless way to display your products on Google. This happens when the customer finds your products on the search engine. In addition, the OpenCart shopping Integration module of Google Shopping seamlessly adapts the items and even the necessary Google Merchant Center Account settings. Indeed, the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed Integration extension provides the quickest and most efficient panel in an amazingly short time to gain enormous publicity for your merchandise and website. In addition, traders may publish their product feeds to Google Shopping without any problems with the aid of this extension.

Let’s wind up!

These best 3 OpenCart modules both directly and indirectly increase your consumer base. For instance, with the marketplace modules, you simply introduce your business to a larger audience. Other options, on the other hand, enable your eCommerce business to focus on a broader audience in a roundabout approach. Furthermore? The checkout optimization allows a smoother shopping experience. Knowband guarantees that shop administrators receive all of the assistance they require. They can submit their requests to the Support Team here at

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