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Are you looking for the best AI content detector free? Then we recommend trying This AI detection checker tool is one of the AI detectors that you can use to find out if a piece of text was created by an AI.

In this way, you will be able to analyze the content that you want to place on your website to avoid possible sanctions from Google. In this case, the tool analyzes the percentage of words predicted according to the criteria of the algorithm.

However, zerogpt displays the results differently than other content analysis websites. The AI detector chat GPT tool will mark the predicted words within the top 10 in green and those in the top 100 in yellow. In the same way, it will mark the words in the top thousand in red and purple if it is not in any of them.

One of the best things about this ai detector checker is that it is completely free. However, like the other tools, you must register on the platform to be able to use this tool. The process for you to start using this software is as follows:

– Enter the official website of AI Content Detector.

– Then, look at the bottom of the platform for the “Get Started” button and click on it.

– Once in this part of the page, you must select the login or registration, if you do not have an account.

– In the registration section you must choose between “Individual”, “Institution” or “Business”.

– Next, you must fill out the form with your information and select “Register”.

– Then, follow the system steps to finish the registration.

– Next, you will find a square to paste or write your text. In this way, the software will start the analysis process automatically.

At this point, you will have to wait for the program to carry out the procedure, which will take according to the length of the text. In addition, you will be able to see the result on the right side of the screen in the form of a bar. While the result is closer to 0%, it means that it was produced by a human, but a percentage close to 100%, the AI.

Another limitation is the number of errors that, the longer the text, the tool can generate. Common errors are:

– Boilerplate text generation,

– Errors in the facts

– Or unnatural theme changes.

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