The Best Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles of the Rich and Famous

Gorgeous unusual celebrity engagement rings serve as evidence that a diamond lasts a lifetime, if not a union. But diamonds haven’t always been a staple of engagement rings—Roman women received a gold ring to wear in public and an iron ring to wear at home. 

Today, couples often have their wedding bands engraved with dates or initials.  Hundreds of years ago people were also inscribing inspirational or religious messages and vowing their lifelong commitment on poesy rings. Simple poesy rings were popular in Europe throughout the 1700s, whereas Puritan men in New England were rumored to have presented their fiancés with thimbles instead of ‘frivolous rings’ (though women often cut off the tops and wore them as rings anyway). However, in 1947 De Beers first announced its catchphrase, ‘A diamond is eternal,’ and what follows is history. From that point, we’ve been mesmerized by everything, from Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton, to Meghan Markle’s ring from Prince William.

We all adore celebrity engagement rings, let’s face it. And lately, we’ve had a lot more opportunities to ogle. Thanks to Travis Barker’s magnificent oval-cut diamond engagement ring for Kourtney Kardashian, Princess Diana’s famed sapphire stone (worn by Emma Corin in the most recent season of The Crown), and of course, Britney Spears’s legendary (and extremely glittering) engagement announcement. In fact, I’ve decided to look at all the stunning celebrity engagement rings that have recently captured our attention. Starting with my recent favorite, Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement ring that received a cheeky close-up courtesy of her younger sister, Kim Kardashian, who shared a video of the pair cuddling while zooming in on the diamond.

ladies gold ring

The Beauty of the Oval Engagement Ring

The oval-shaped gemstone has undoubtedly caught our attention. According to Design Bundles, online searches for ‘Oval engagement ring’ in the UK increased by 500% on October 18, 2022, the day after we all fell in love with Kourtney’s ring.

Not just Kourtney Kardashian’s ring is on our minds when we think of celebrity engagement rings. In 2020, Britney also got engaged. She posted the nicest video of herself and her fiancé Sam Asghari showing off the ring on Instagram.

The Celebrity Glam!

Dakota Johnson is another person who is now on our radar. She was seen in West Hollywood with a large emerald halo engagement ring on her finger, which has fueled reports that she is engaged to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Additionally, Gwen Stefani’s enormous diamond ring is all the rage. Although her initial engagement picture didn’t show a close-up of the diamond, she has since given us many close-ups. She said ‘yes’ to Blake Shelton in October 2020.

Another one of my all-time favorites is undoubtedly Hailey Bieber’s. The model finally had her engagement ring photographed for the 2018 September issue of Vogue Mexico after months of attempting to catch a look at it. It was even bigger than we had initially thought. Unsurprisingly, the ring is the major focus of the candid black-and-white photo shoot as she quite casually flashes her oval stone and 18k gold band.

cushion halo engagement ring

Wrap up

There are so many distinctive celebrity engagement rings available that you won’t lack for ideas. Celebrity pear engagement rings and oval engagement rings are currently the preferred options. Diamond engagement rings appear to be the most popular jewelry item forever, but in 2022, the stones will be bigger, bolder, and even more dazzling, as shown by numerous famous brides-to-be.

I also can’t stop thinking about Hilary Duff, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and Nicola Peltz’s rings. The only thing left to do at this point is to drop a few incredibly subtle hints before I eventually give up and purchase my own.

And if you’re seeking ideas for your own jewelry, I’ve gathered, in my opinion, the most beautiful, timeless engagement rings. Thanks to the expert craftsmen and jewelry professionals at David’s House of Diamonds, you can try on a ring or have a custom ring made specifically for you. Online, you can find a ton of ring inspiration from the glittering diamonds worn by celebrities, members of the regal family, and socialites.


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