The Best Clear Film Material- Perfect for Packaging Goods

The production of consumer goods requires the availability of high-quality packaging materials. Different companies use it to pack a wide range of products. Such materials are characterized by cost-effectiveness. Shrink film materials are prevalent. They can shrink in size under the influence of high temperatures. Thanks to this property, the packaging tightly fits the item, making the product more compact, reducing transportation cost, and eliminating the risk of damage during packing and unpacking of items.

Types of Clear Film Materials and Their Advantages:

You can buy the best clear film materials in Texas online and use them for multiple purposes. A lot of suppliers sell the best shrink film materials at affordable prices. You can choose the product and place the order by providing a few details to the vendor.

Nowadays, shrink film materials are widely used by almost all branches of the national economy. You can find them in food, construction, perfume, textile, and metal products. Just have a look at their main advantages:

  • Excellent elasticity,
  • increased strength,
  • Visual appeal of a packaged item,
  • Transparency,
  • Resistance to temporary changes-packed things remains intact.

Food products packed with clear film materials retain their freshness for a long time. It happens because the film prevents the penetration of harmful microorganisms into the product. Simultaneously, it thwarts damages to food products from moisture or other liquid substances getting on them.

The best shrink film materials in Texas are made from 3 types of raw materials-

  • Polyethylene (PE),
  • Polyolefin (POF) and
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Remember, POF film is the most advanced material capable of showing excellent results because of its structural properties. It has a smaller thickness but can shrink two times more than other film materials. Moreover, polyolefin film has a more attractive commercial appearance and an extended range of portable temperatures. It can withstand both heat and frost successfully.

Experts argue that polyolefin products have good environmental qualities. So, they don’t have a foul smell. Also, they don’t release toxic substances. The best shrink film materials made of polyethylene are quite popular. Depending on the production technology, they are harmless or have minor toxic inclusions. For packaging food and cosmetic products, individuals use shrink films based on high-pressure polyethylene. They are environment-friendly and don’t cause any harm. PVC shrink films have high quality physical and mechanical properties.

Single-layer and multi-layer shrink films: Choose as per your needs!

PE and POF shrink films differ depending on the number of layers in their structure. They are single – or multi-layered. This indicator affects the performance of materials. Single-layer films for domestic use are produced based on polyethylene grades. They have increased viscosity due to the considerable length of macromolecules.

The longer the macromolecules are, the more shrinkage properties the final product will have. Under the influence of high temperatures, such films can shrink more than 50% of their original sizes. If manufacturers add secondary raw materials during production, the film strength is slightly reduced. So, manufacturers increase the thickness of the film from 70 to 120 microns.

Multi-layer shrink films have increased strength compared to conventional ones. Manufacturers use recycled raw materials for their production. The surface layers are made of high-quality polyethylene or polyolefin. The highest cost and quality are distinguished by a film in which the outer layer is polyethylene with a high friction coefficient.

The base is a substance with special additives that give it good strength. On the inside, polyethylene is attached to the original frame, made with an increased sliding index. It eliminates the possibility of damage to the packed goods. Shrink film materials made of polyethylene and polyolefin differ from PVC shrink film in terms of higher reliability of welds and the ability to change dimensions to fit a particular product’s volume.

What can you pack with Shrink film materials?

  • Food products,
  • Cardboard boxes with goods on pallets,
  • beverages in bottles, boxes, cans,
  • cosmetics and perfumes,
  • Furniture and household items,
  • Printed products,
  • Toys,
  • Oversized building materials and household goods.

Heat shrinkable film is a particular type of film made of polyethylene used to pack products using packaging machines. When such products are exposed to high temperatures, they tend to shrink. When it cools down, it adopts the form of packaged products. They protect packed products from different external damaging factors and maintain their originality. You can buy shrink film materials online at affordable prices in Texas.


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