The Best EQ Plugins in 2020

A good music producer or the sound engineer can understand the value of an EQ plugin. An EQ plugin does a lot to improve vocal quality and adds clarity to vocals. It enhances not just vocals but the sound of instruments too. You can use an EQ plug-in to remove harshness from either vocals or the sound of a musical instrument. If you are looking for the best EQ plug-in to add presence and clarity to your track and get rid of unnecessary frequencies, the EQ plugins on the list below will help you get the best results.

EQ Plugins

Waves Puigtec EQP1A and MEQ5

If you want to add clarity and want to eliminate unwanted frequencies from your vocals, you can choose the great plug-ins. These add smoothness and presence to your track. These plug-ins sound great on vocals. To remove unwanted frequencies, you can boost 20Hz to add presence to vocals. You can add a low shelf boost and try different ways to make a track sound professional. These are professional plug-ins that work really great. These may look old in design but work better than the new ones. Knob controls are great. The plug-ins sell for about $59. If you are serious about the quality of your vocals, you must try them out.

Waves API-560

Waves API-560 is a great EQ plug-in that is highly appreciated in the world of music production. Working with API-560 is simple enough owing to the easy to use interface. If you think that your vocals are not as loud as they should be, API may help you tackle such a problem. It comes with a 10-band equalizer. All works in a different way. In order to remove unwanted hissing from vocals, you can de-ess vocals and add a low shelf cut. If your vocals sound muddy, you may try some other ways.

Red Rock EQ560

If you are one of those bedroom producers who can’t afford so much, Red Rock EQ560 may fit your needs in a perfect way. It adds smoothness to vocals and the sound of instruments and helps you minimize the intensity of hi-hats and snare. Perhaps, you won’t love this plug-in as it is not attractive or as useful as other plug-ins on the list, but the best thing about the plug-in is, it is absolutely free.

Arturia Pre TridA

Most of the sound engineers go for this EQ plug-in just because it is perfect in itself. It lets you adjust the volume and lets you enhance the sound of each instrument in a track. If you have the right gears for recording vocals and instruments, You can put this EQ plug-in to your use to make a track sound more professional. You can boost the mids of instruments such as drums, piano, and other instruments. From removing harshness to removing sibilance, Arturia Pre TridA does an excellent job of equalizing your vocals. A number of professional pop and trap songs have been mixed with the help of this feature-rich plug-in. For stereo mixing, You can pan the instruments and vocals to the left or the right accordingly. It sells for $99. The plugin is your money’s worth.


There are many EQ plugins out there, but the ones that have been listed above work great and will help you get the professional results in mixing and mastering. You can choose the plug-in that suits your pocket and needs.

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