The Best Festivals in Germany

Germany is often seen as a country which hosts a large number of festivals each year. These festivals lure a number of people from across the world and tend to create opportunities for travelers across the world to see and live the culture of Germany. These festivals offer their visitors with some of the best food, music and entertainment. While your time here you can do a number of activities which would definitely lead you to explore Germany to its best and would help you to join the fun along with the travelers from across the world.

In this article, I am going to explore some of the best festivals of Germany where you can be one with the entertainment and can make sure that you’re making the most of your available time with your friends and family. These festivals host a large number of people each year and being here would be a lifetime opportunity for you to embrace the country and its amazing entertainment.

  1. Oktoberfest, Munich: One of the most visited and loved festivals by the tourist across the world, Oktoberfest was started as a royal wedding celebration and today is seen as one of the largest folk festival around the globe. Each year it draws crowd of around 7 million people and these people along consume almost 8 million liters of beer. It takes place in Munich which is among the Germany’s most beloved tourist destinations. The place is filled with castles, gorgeous architecture, monuments and palaces. Huge crowds come here to eat, drink, enjoy fun rides, shops, games and food stands.
  2. DFB Pokal, Berlin: German people are fan of football and carry a deep loyalty for their football team. The festival of DFB Pokal is a knockout tournament for the 64 of the Germany’s top qualified football teams. Each year the final takes place in summer in the Berlin’s Olympic Stadium which can be said as the German equivalent to the Super bowl. You would do amazing rivalries here with banners and face paints as far as the eye can see. It is one of the most emotional annual events in Germany.
  3. Karneval, Cologne: The festival was originated in Venice. “Karneval” also known Carnival is not just celebrated in Germany but in places such as New Orleans and Rio De Janerio as well. The German version is a two-week long costume party. The festival is definitely going to offer you some of the most amazing entertainment and along with it here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks as well. The Rosenmontag parade is a luring attraction here for which the visitors often become a part of festival.
  4. Asparagusfest and Onionfest, Schewetzingen & Weimar: Known for its meats and potatoes, German food isn’t really much adored across the world. The cuisines of Germany are pretty heavy on the basics and this is why the several traditions of the country are dedicated to the staple crops of the country. Because of the country’s persistent and long and farmer culture, there are festivals throughout the country which celebrates its important harvests. You can see a number of food festivals dedicated to foodstuff which can be found in any of the region where the crop is going will be grown. The Onionfest (also known as Zwiebelnfest) taking place in Weimar and Asparagusfest (Spargelfest) in Schewetzingen are two of the Germany’s biggest and the most well-known harvest festivals. You can visit here and can buy the season’s freshest picks and can also try the plenty of dishes which are based around the vegetables of the moment.
  5. Reeprbahn, Hamburg: Reeperbahn is the largest club festival of Europe and is the German equivalent to SXSW, it is spread out on the beautiful northern port city of the Hamburg. Instead of held in one dedicated location the place is having a number of music venues, clubs and bars throughout the city. It is the place where music draws newest darlings to make their debut and this is the place where next stars are discovered. If you’re a fan of label scouts, underground music and indie hopefuls then you’re going to enjoy the festival a lot.
  6. Berlinale, Berlin: It is one of the largest film festivals in the world. Annually held since 1978 and with more than 400 films screened, the festival is going to help you enjoy the elite cinematic talent of almost every genre.
  7. Wurstmarkt, Bad Dürkheim: The festival draws crowds of more than 600,000 people each September, and is one of the world’s largest wine festivals dating back to 1417. You can enjoy the wineries of the region cultivating primarily Gewurztraminer, Pinot, and Riesling you can do a lot of tasting here. The festival would definitely leave you with an amazing experience of the lifetime and would ensure that you’re having the best time of your lives.
  • Cannsltatter Volksfest, Stuttgart: The festival is one of the most enjoyed festivals for the travelers visiting to Germany. You can enjoy a spectacular street parade where you’ll see locals dressed in traditional costumes, horse-drawn brewery wagons, and marching bands. It is similar to Oktoberfest, and the family friendly festival lasts for about 3 weeks. Along with it, you are going to find fairground attractions that include haunted houses, roller coaster, and ferries wheels of various sizes and shapes. The amazing food stalls and beer tents here offer their visitors with amazing German beers, delicious local fare and wines. And not just flight tickets, but you can also book cheap flights on Cheapbestfares as well.

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