The Best Free PDF Reader and Editor in 2022: UPDF (Giveaway)

img1As PDFs have rapidly outperformed all other file formats in popularity, a parallel increase in the availability of PDF-specific tools like PDF readers and editors has emerged. As an added bonus, you may rely on these programs whenever you need to ensure the highest level of protection for your documents against internet manipulation or intrusion.

However, you may be compelled to utilize such inconsistent and incomplete solutions that might be pricey and do not give the quality you seek in order to get the best PDF editor to suit the endless internet. So, it is important that you choose the best free PDF reader and editor for your PDF needs. (Keep reading, a surprise waiting for you at the end of the article.

What made the PDF format so popular?

 Many businesses and government organizations exclusively accept documents in PDF format due to its high quality and its ease of use in transferring data and information between platforms. The PDF format is still the most widely used one, and the following are some more reasons that what made the PDF format so popular:

1. Convert Multiple Files Formats to PDF. The flexibility to convert any file type into a PDF is a significant advantage for these documents. As was previously mentioned, transferring data from a Microsoft PC to an Apple Mac or another computer might be challenging. However, by first converting your file to a PDF, you can transfer it to your preferred device and then convert it back to the platforms’ format that relates to the original.

2. Access PDF on Multiple Mobile Devices. PDFs are widely used since they can be read and downloaded from any device. PDFs, in contrast to many other file types, can be read on mobile devices using PDF readers and editors like Adobe Reader, UPDF, and many more.

3. Security. A PDF can be password-protected, which is a characteristic not seen in many other document formats. If you are sending sensitive information, it is important that you protect it in transmission, and a password is the best method to do this. The protection used by PDFs is incredibly high-tech and difficult to crack.

The Best Free PDF Reader and Editor — UPDF


When it comes to editing PDFs, UPDF has made it a breeze. Its cutting-edge technology in every aspect makes it a practical choice for modern consumers. Therefore, we think UPDF is the only PDF editor that will provide you access to all of these features in a single program.

Now, let’s take a look at the top and most used features of UPDF:


  • Read PDF: With free PDF reader UPDF, you can choose which of its four reading modes works best for you. You can switch between a single-page view, a single-page scrolling view, a two-page view, and a two-page scrolling view. These modes let users get the most out of a file without having to wait for each page to finish loading.
  • Edit PDF: This clear and simple program allows you to edit PDFs by changing their text’s font, color, and size. Adjusting the text orientation in a PDF file might help you create a clean layout. When working with PDFs, you have unlimited freedom to change or remove any picture you choose.
  • Annotate PDF: If you’re looking to get more done in less time, try using the UPDF’s annotation function. You can highlight, underline, and strike out text in addition to making notes using this handy feature.
  • Convert PDF with OCR: UPDF has simplified the process of converting files while preserving their original quality. PDF to Word (.doc), OpenOffice Calc (.xls), PowerPoint (.ppt), RTF (.rtf), Text (.txt), HTML (.html), XML, and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf/a) are all possible conversions for your PDF files.
  • Add/Remove Signatures: Adding and removing signatures is one of the most amazing features of UPDF. It allows you to electronically sign your PDF documents and share them with your friends or colleagues at work.
  • Add stamps: UPDF also allows you to add stamps to your PDF documents. It is an important feature that ensures the confidentiality of your valuable information.
  • Add stickers: Stickers are valuable elements of PDF documents in this modern age. If you are a student, you may understand adding stickers more than anyone else. UPDF allows you to add different stickers at different locations of your PDF documents.


It’s tough to operate in modern life without a PDF editor. UPDF is a popular, open-source alternative to other paid PDF editors. The UPDF is built to evolve with new technologies, so you can be assured that any resource you use will always be up-to-date. UPDF is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. The Mac has all the features that UPDF has released till now. (Share this article to any social media with the tag #UPDFgiveaway and send screenshots to You will get a 3-Month free license for UPDF.)


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