The Best FTA Approved Accounting Software In Dubai At Bestaxca

Complete accounting software approved by the FTA for the UAE

It is important that you are aware of all the potential obligations that the UAE VAT regulations may impose on you or your business. The FTA Approved Accounting Software In Dubai is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance in this area.

The FTA has the power to audit taxpayers and impose fines for violations of the law. The Federal Tax Administration (FTA) is the government agency created in 2016 that is responsible for the collection and administration of federal taxes.

FTA-approved accounting software

Flexible enough for accountants and non-accountants.

Free installation and services with all desktop licenses.

Lifetime and permanent license and one-time investment.

Regular review of financial statements.

Installed on local computer.


The Tally International version makes it very easy to file VAT returns in the UAE.

The tax return is prepared by breaking down the taxable transactions in Emirati terms.

You can generate the VAT return in XML or MS Excel format and print the VAT control file in ASCII format, as required by the FTA VAT invoices in Arabic.

VAT compliant business management software accredited by the FTA in the UAE.

Zoho Books is a VAT compliant accounting software available on an annual basis.

Zoho Books is free to try for 14 days.

Zoho Books allows you to collaborate with your colleagues, accountants and clients.

VAT compliant accounting software

QuickBooks UK takes care of your Line Wise VAT accounting.

QuickBooks can work with different VAT rates and systems, VAT sub-totals, VAT totals, company and client TRNs.

QuickBooks UK tracks VAT position using a multi-currency statement.

QuickBooks UK Edition generates a detailed, FTA compliant tax invoice with UAE VAT totals line by line.

These are some of the key benefits of using FTA-compliant tax accounting software.

Generate tax invoices, debit and credit notes in compliance with VAT requirements.

Automatic generation of VAT returns (VAT 201)

Automatic generation of FAF (Financial Audit File) according to FTA requirements without any effort.

Built-in change prevention, detection and re-detection functions ensure VAT returns and audit files are complete and error-free.

Submit VAT returns on time as VAT returns and control files can be created seamlessly.

Save yourself from heavy fines ranging from 1000 to 50,000 Dirhams for non-compliance.

Keep your accounting records and all other VAT documents for 5-10 years.

Computerization of all tax obligations will help reduce compliance costs for businesses.

With (automated) VAT reporting available at any time, you will create a platform that will make it easier for both you and APEH when, for example, an audit is conducted.

All of these benefits will reassure business owners and allow them to spend more time developing their business rather than struggling with the complexities of compliance.

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