The Best Headphones for Running in 2020

The day might seem incomplete without workout, and workout is incomplete without music. For those who don’t like to hit the gym, they compensate for their workout by running. There is no doubt that running is one of the most exhilarating forms of exercise and works as the best exercise mode for the full body. There is a scientific explanation behind the benefits of listening to music while running. Music can inhibit the brain’s pain signals to the body and lower down the feeling of exhaustion. This allows you to stretch your running time. In fact, with time, you can run for hours without feeling tired soon.

Not only it helps you in increasing your pace with time, but it has certain other benefits too. Running on an open road while listening to the music give some time to you to unwind your thoughts. With the best playlist, you can even feel motivated and run happily for hours. It completely takes your mind off any worries or troubles. If you are just a recreational runner, music is a great way to boost your performance to increase your endurance. Plus, you might not get a chance to listen to music the whole day. Your busy schedule won’t allow you to listen to your favorite podcasts regularly, so why not utilize the running time and enjoy a nice playlist from soothing songs of Elton John to hardcore Metallica.

While running, there are chances that your earbuds might slip off the ears. So it would be best if you choose some top-notch quality earbuds that assure durability too, especially something that doesn’t block the sound of the surroundings. You must be aware of the things going on around you. A perfect earbud is the one that is neither too loose to refrain you from enjoying the music nor too tight to prevent you from hearing the honking of vehicles.


BackBeat Fit 3150 has funnel-shaped ear tips that give out the perfect amount of bass, unlike other unsealed earbuds that do not produce the bass. Even with the bass’s sound, you can still hear the sound of your surroundings and ensure your safety. You can also wear caps or sunglasses to beat the heat as their flexible hooks fit comfortably on your ears, even with caps or sunglasses. With their sweat and dust resistance feature, you can run for longer periods without worrying about their safety. A single charge to the earbuds will give you eight hours, approximately four days of running. If you charge the earbuds’ case, it will provide you with an additional 16 hours of battery life. The size of the earbuds’ case is too big to carry in your running shorts, so you might have to carry a running belt along with you. The controls of BackBeat Fit 3150 are easy to use and customizable. So set your playlist and get going.


If you are concerned with your earbuds’ safety that it might fall off while running, it would be better if you buy the earbuds that have a flexible band around it. BackBeat 2100 comes at quite a lower price than the BackBeat 3150 and has earbuds connected by a lightweight band. The band makes the earbuds easy to use and sounds exceptionally good. As compare to other unsealed earbuds, BackBeat Fit 2100 has more bass. The band’s size is perfect that it can easily fit any head size and doesn’t even bounce while running. You don’t need to buy a separate charger for these earbuds, nor does this come with any charging case. You can charge with any charging cable of your phone. A single charge provides it with more than seven hours of battery life. Their reflective finish makes them visible even in the dark. Their design is such that not only can you enjoy the music but hear the sound of the surroundings for safety.


If you have saved enough money and would like to buy an Apple product, then Apple AirPods Pro will give you exceptional sound quality. AirPods Pro has dynamic features such as noise cancellation mode, which you can turn off anytime to hear the sound of the surroundings and ensure your safety in a crowded area. The transparency mode lets you connect with your surroundings and make you careful of the ambient sounds. It comes with three different sizes of soft silicone tips so you can fit it easily. You can run for hours without worrying about its safety as it comes with sweat and water resistance features. The adaptive Equalization tunes the music automatically according to the size of your ear. AirPods Pro is compatible with all the Apple devices giving you more options for the playlist. You can also use the voice command to start your playlist and get quick access to the device. A single charge to the wireless case lasts for up to more than 24 hours. So set your playlist and start your mornings with some motivation.


The active Equalization of Bose imparts a top-notch audio quality and balanced music at any volume. This wireless device connects via Bluetooth pairing, and the voice prompts make it easier for you to navigate through it the first time. You can run for hours without worrying about its safety as it stays comfortably in the grip. Two hours of charging time give it up to six hours of battery life. Bose SoundSport comes with acoustic ports that resist the sweat and dust, and the hydrophobic cloth around the earbuds prevents the moisture from going inside. If you face specific issues while connecting the earbuds, try to unpair it from your device. Pair them again or refresh the connection to troubleshoot the connecting error. Bose’s wireless earphones give you a liberating feel while running. The immersive sound quality takes you away from daily life worries. You don’t have to sweat out in crowded gyms. With these exceptional earphones, the run is fun now.


This stunning wireless earbuds is not just about looks but gives a phenomenal performance, too, with its top-notch audio quality. Jabra Active 65t is your perfect running companion. Their secure fit earbuds are highly dependable and allows you to run for hours. These earbuds are equally compatible with Apple and Android. Download the Jabra Sound+ app and customize your music according to your taste. One exciting feature of this earphone is that you can receive calls without turning off the music. It comes with a beautiful and efficient charging case that lasts for up to 15 hours, and the earbuds last for 5 hours. Now you don’t have to worry about charging it daily. A single charge of the case can last for up to 4-5 days if running is the only time you listen to it. With this reliable earphone pair, you can run for hours without entangling in messy wires.


If robustness and durability are your topmost priority while buying the wireless earphones, then Jaybird Vista will be perfect for you. These strong earbuds are sweat and dustproof and can withstand any running condition. It has versatile charging capacity, such as six hours of charge of the earbuds, ten hours of charge of the charging case, and 32 hours of charge if you are using only one bud at a time. In case you forget to charge and are in a hurry to go for the run, quickly charge it for 5 minutes and enjoy an hour-long playtime. Vista’s high-end wireless Bluetooth technology provides you with high-quality stereo-like sound with zero-lag. It allows a seamless connection and pairs easily for you to enjoy your favorite playlist without hassling with the connection. Download the Jaybird app to keep track of your earphones and ensure their safety. These are the lightest headphones and give you a comfortable feel even if you wear them for hours.


If you are not planning to invest much on the wireless earphones, then Zagg InTone Wireless earphones will be suitable for you. They will fit perfectly in your ears, just like any other expensive earphones. Their low price doesn’t compromise with any safety feature as they are water and dust resistant. You can clip the Bluetooth transmitter with your t-shirt or top to prevent its fall while running. It comes with a magnetic clasp so the earbuds can attach with each other when not in use. The light and flexible band of the earphones can accommodate any head size comfortably and don’t create annoyance by bouncing too much while running. These are so light in weight that you won’t feel them in your ears even after running for hours. With a battery life of up to five hours, you can extend your running time by listening to immersive music. So create your playlist and get ready to enjoy your running session.

How to choose the Required Earphones?
All the wireless earphones look fine from the outside, but there are some internal factors that one must keep in mind before buying a pair of wireless earphones. After all, you would not want to ruin your running time by compromising the quality.

Unsealed design- Many of you must think that unsealed design hinders the listening experience. Still, it is of utmost importance for your safety to be aware of the surrounding sound while running in isolated and crowded places.

Moisture resistance- It is essential to buy the earphones that can withstand extreme weather conditions as sweating is natural while running.

Comfort grip- Nothing is more annoying than a headphone that falls out, snags or chafe while running. It hampers your pace and creates a disturbance.

Maneuverability- You would not want to spend your running time constantly adjusting volume and changing the soundtrack. Earbuds of the best quality have intuitive controls, so your mind is more towards running and enjoying music.

Reliability- Reliability comes with a brand name. A credible brand or company ensures the efficiency of the earphones. So it would help if you tried to buy the earphones of some reliable brand.

Sound quality- While the unsealed design is vital for the headphones’ safety, it makes bass notes quite inaudible. The makers try to compensate that by equalizing the unsealed headphones.

Extra Accessory- No matter how much stronger is your Bluetooth device, it can’t withstand a significant amount of water, so it would be better to wear an armband to carry the Bluetooth transmitter while running. There will be less interference with the signals. This is quite an inexpensive investment but protects your device from any kind of damage.

Tips to Take Care of your Earphones
Let us agree to the fact that earphones are an integral part of our life. It saves us from boredom at many points in the day. Also, we invest a great deal in them if some top-notch brand is involved. They make sure that our running session is motivating and energetic. Again listening to music stretches your time of running. To ensure their durability, it is important to take care of them.

Cleanliness- The first step of maintenance of the earphones starts with cleanliness. You can buy a solution to clean them occasionally or use a dry cloth to clean them. Wipe them with the dry cloth lightly across the body and earphones once a week. This will ensure their brand new look for a longer time and prevent dust from settling in them.

Storage- One of the important ways to ensure our earphones’ safety is to keep them in proper storage. You must get the earphones with a storage case or buy a separate storage unit for them. So there would always be a protective shield around your earphones. Also, the storage case protects the earphones from dust and other particles and increases their lifespan. Storage cases act as a barrier that prevents your fragile earphones from bending or squashing.

Keep moisture away- Many earphones can withstand a certain amount of water, but it would be best to keep the earphones away from moisture or sweat. One of the best ways to choose the moisture-proof earphone is to check the IP rating, the higher the rating, the higher the water resistance. In case your earphones catch a little bit of moisture, dry them off immediately. You can either dry them with a towel or sun-dry them but never use a dryer.

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