The Best LED Lighting Solutions for Illuminating Large Outdoor Spaces

Both commercial and residential properties face some practical issues when it comes to large, unlit spaces on the property. Big stretches of dark real estate can be a security concern, an inconvenience for either customers or residents, and it can also create a number of pragmatic safety concerns. Lighting those spaces, however, can also present some practical issues. Everyone wants outdoor areas lit as affordably as possible, which can be challenging when a lot of light is required. Additionally, since the lighting structure tends to be up higher, light source replacement is often more involved than changing out your average light bulb. Thankfully, there’s a solution to virtually all of those issues: LED lighting.

LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are a classic response to illuminating lots of ground outdoors. LED flood light bulbs are at least as effective as earlier lighting technologies while offering a number of improvements. For instance, replacing a 75W bulb with an LED alternative like a 12W PAR30 LED Dimmable Bulb from LED provider Hyperikon can cut power use and the power bill by as much as 84%, with an operating life expectancy of 45,000 hours (or 21 years).

LED Security Lights

For either home or commercial properties on which the priority is security lighting rather than the consistent illumination of a parking lot or landscaping feature, it’s no surprise that the best option is security lighting. LED security lights offer the same economy of energy use and a resultantly lower power bill, like other LED options. And, in addition to their efficiency and longevity benefits, motion sensors ensure that LED security lights are only activated when they need to be.

LED Barn Lights

For similarly efficient, long-lasting illumination of outdoor areas like garage doors, sheds, outbuildings, workshops, or actual barns, you can’t beat LED barn lights. They’re particularly well-suited to replace the more expensive, less efficient metal halide (like sodium vapor) lights, halogens, and fluorescents. For optimal smart-lighting efficiency, choose a photocell-equipped model for dusk-till-dawn luminosity.

LED Corn Lights

Corn lights are a cylindrical assembly of diode-studded LEDs surrounding a metal structure. They’re referred to as “corn lights” because the multiple diodes studding the LEDs are numerous enough to resemble kernels of corn on the cob. That many diodes result in an incredibly effective light source. LED corn lights are perfect replacements for older sodium vapor and other metal halide streetlights, shining as much or even more light while providing energy and power bill savings and an impressively long lifespan. Plus, they light up instantly—which means no more waiting for the light to “warm up.”

LED Shoebox Pole Light

An LED shoebox pole light is one of the most impressive providers of outdoor lighting available. A 5700K outdoor shoebox post light fixture features incredible performance, offering an amazing 133 lumens/watt. That means unbeatable illumination for street lighting, parking lots, storage and high-security areas, driveways, and anything else outdoors that could benefit from a lot of light. And like the other LED technologies featured here, they consume a fraction of the energy their predecessors did, feature an unmatchable lifespan, and some models are also photocell-optimized for dusk-till-dawn efficiency.

About Hyperikon

Founded in 2010, Hyperikon is an industry-leading manufacturer of LED lighting for a variety of commercial and residential uses. They focus on innovation and sustainability in their products with a superior customer experience to match. It all began with the founders selling LED lights to local businesses, and that focus on helping businesses save money and improve operational efficiency remains to this day. On Hyperikon’s website, you can find an LED bulb for practically any application including their retrofit LED tubes, LED barn lights, LED recessed lighting products, and more. Hyperikon is proud to hold numerous U.S. patents, and their products feature over 700 certifications and qualifications.

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