The Best Literacy Activities and Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Are you looking for a fun lesson plan for English? If you need of some fresh ideas to enhance your student’s reading, writing, and speaking skills, Resources for Teaching has you covered. They have a helpful collection of materials for primary and secondary school students. Here are a few of their most engaging activities to incorporate into literacy groups or rotations that require minimal preparation and are lots of fun for Kindergarten and Year 1 students: –

1. Contractions Rainbows Matching Cards:


Provide your students with fun and engaging activities to learn about contractions! These 63 rainbow contraction cards and 126 matching clouds will help your students recognise, read, spell and use contractions. First, students will choose a rainbow card that contains a contraction. Then they must find the two words on the cloud cards that form the given contraction and place them under the rainbow.

Your students will love this activity and build plenty of contractions! Simply print, cut and laminate and use as a fun literacy group activity. These cards are a fabulous addition to your literacy group work and rotations. They will have your students understanding and using contractions in their speaking and writing in no time!

2. Compound Words Matching Cards


Your students will love using these cards to build plenty of compound words! Includes 150 compound word matching cards that will help your students recognise and build 50 compound words. Students will use the cards that each contain a word and picture that can be matched with another card to make a compound word. Once students have made a compound word, they must find the card that represents the new meaning of the two combined words.

3. Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Activity:


These letter-matching tasks include 26 activity cards and 52 matching letters and picture cards. To play, students will choose an activity card that contains a letter or a picture and two blank boxes. They must find two missing cards that represent the letter as an upper case or lower case letter and a picture card that starts with their given letter. When they have completed one activity card, they can move on to another.

4. Adjectives Lesson Plan


This lesson plan for English lessons allow students to practice using adjectives in their sentences to describe nouns. Students will explore different types of adjectives to describe feelings, numbers, colour, size, quality, and shape. All the printable materials are included allowing you to teach effortlessly, including some flashcards and an assessment worksheet to check your student’s understanding at the completion of the lesson.

This resource is wonderful for classroom teachers and relief teachers who need to pull together a quick English lesson that will teach students about using adjectives to improve their speaking and writing abilities.

If you’re searching for a preschool lesson planner, lesson plans for kindergarten, activities that require minimal preparation or printable classroom décor to help your students with various skills, visit the Resources for Teaching website now:

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