The Best Marble Salt Cellars You Can Buy Right Now

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Salt is perhaps one of the most widely used ingredients when it comes to preparing meals and dishes. This is why it is important that you are able to access it on a regular basis without having the hindrance of finding it in your kitchen at unreachable places. A great idea would be to use a marble salt cellar.

Marble as a material is not only innately beautiful to look at but is also quite durable, able to withstand a variety of conditions and temperatures. This makes it an elegant feature of your home’s interior and can last you for a lifetime, if not more. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the finest marble salt cellars/pigs/containers you can buy today.

Radicaln’s Handmade Marble Salt Cellar with Lid

Priced at $19.5 with 30 days of easy returns and free shipping over $45, this gorgeous piece includes 2 bowls with a lid along with RADICALn Branded Secure Packaging. Made of high-quality handmade marble, it is not very heavy to carry and quite easy to use. For cleaning, all it requires is a soft cloth and water to avoid any scratches. Available at RADICALn’s website for online purchases.

Creative Co-Op Square White Marble Bowl with Brass Spoon

This set includes two items, a white marble salt bowl and a salt spoon made out of brass material. The dimensions of the bowl are 3 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 2.25 inches in height. Together this collection weighs around 1.58 pounds and both the salt cellar and the accompanying spoon are brought from India. Mostly recommended for table salt use, priced at $13.83, and available at Amazon.

Creative Home’s Natural Marble Salt Cellar

Off white in colour, this is a keeper of round salt spices that can serve as a salt or pepper container. Available at Wayfair’s website and priced at $33.39 per piece, it is made of 100% solid marble that is non-porous, easy to clean, and keeps grease, moisture, and odours from penetrating. You can use this salt cellar for not only salt but also for other kinds of spices, sugar, pepper, and more.

Fox Run 3850 Black Marble Salt Cellar

A sleek-looking black-coloured marble salt cellar, it is constructed using 100% natural marble along with a sealed lid. Its 3 by 3 by 3 inches dimensions wouldn’t take up too much counter space and includes decorative colour variation in the natural marble material. Priced at $20.53 with a 36% off offer on Amazon, it comes with a lid that is easy to grab with one hand and is also very easy to clean.

French Kitchen Marble Salt Cellar

Priced at $16.95 per piece and also available for online purchase at Crate and Barrel’s website, it is a cool-looking marble salt cellar. Since the material used to construct this product is none other than solid marble, it is very smooth to touch and easy on the eyes. As a lidded white marble salt cellar, it adds a soupcon of style to your French farmhouse kitchen and is ideal for storing coarse or fine sea salt.

Hayes Marble and Wood Salt and Pepper Set

This product comes with a polished black marble along with acacia wood to create an attractive tableside server that holds both salt and pepper. It is a hexagon-shaped cellar with a gold-finished spoon, making it a fancy item for dinner parties, making it great for artisanal sea salt and freshly ground peppercorns. Priced at $24.95 and is available on Crate and Barrel’s website.

Jalz Jalz Large Salt Cellar

Available in both marble and wood combinations, this salt cellar box has a marble lid to keep salt fresh inside. The lid is entirely made of marble and doesn’t include any plastic so your food stays carcinogen-free and separate from harmful chemicals. This quality pick is priced at $12.99 and comes with an engraved top lid, available at Amazon.

RSVP International Dual Swivel Top Compartment Salt Cellar

A dual compartment option salt cellar, it has space for two different types of salt. The cellar is completely made out of solid marble and will look lovely on your countertop while adding a ton of convenience to your kitchen. The whole compartment is about 5 inches in diameter, so it wouldn’t take up too much space. Available at Amazon with a price tag of $31.95 for online purchases.

Wrought Studio Aliyanah Salt Cellar

Available at Wayfair’s website for online ordering and priced at $22.99 per piece, this product comes with two pieces namely the cellar and the lid. It is recommended that you hand wash the objects only. It is a stylish addition to the table or the kitchen décor and its unique cap closure design not only looks great but also prevents contaminations when not in use.

Final Word

A salt cellar is a fine choice for your table and kitchen use since it offers terrific accessibility and doesn’t take up that much space as well. Furthermore, when you add marble to the mix, the décor reaches the next level bringing elegance and sophistication to your kitchen and table’s ambience. There are tons of options available to keep you enticed and spice up your life.

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