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Being a natural herbal incense its aromas square measure refined and natural since they need been created with resins of aromatic plants, species or flowers associated no artificial ingredients are accustomed offer them an odor.

Let us ascertain common seasoner incenses and its properties

VANILLA: a really peculiar aroma:

  • it’s a really peculiar aroma that produces specific work with energies abundant easier.
  • It helps United States after we wish one thing especially and that we focus our needs towards a selected direction
  • we are able to use it in moments of energetic descent, once our forces square measure weaker then we are going to notice that once lighting vanilla incense the energy is reconstructed to form United States feel higher.
  • The aroma of vanilla could be a terribly enticing aroma, favors and enhances the love relationships of a few as a result of it’s thought-about a natural aphrodisiac.
  • With the aroma of vanilla, we are able to revitalize our senses and wake them up simply.
  • Strengthens our flesh.

PATCHOULI: pure energy, revitalizing:

Patchouli could be a plant that grows in India and from that the extreme and powerful volatile oil is extracted and used for thousands of years to form perfumes and is additionally the idea of this incense.

  • The aroma of Patchouli is all energy. the feeling once turning it on within the morning is invigorating and provides United States energy throughout the day.
  • If we tend to light-weight Patchouli incense at nighttime we are able to see however it becomes a natural aphrodisiac.
  • This aroma is taken into account a carrier of fine luck, because of the positive energy it provides off.
  • after we wish to draw in abundance to our lives we discover a peculiar aroma that enhances this energy.
  • The herbal smoking blends of patchouli is extremely peculiar for its intensity once turned on and doesn’t leave anyone impassive, otherwise you hate or am fond of it.

LOTUS FLOWER: soft and delicate aroma:

The lotus flower is associate aquatic flower of Asian origin, it’s additionally referred to as associate lotus or Nelumbo nucifera since it’s loads of symbolism within the oriental countries.

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, perfection, and wisdom. Its seeds square measure notable for his or her incense express aroma, they will germinate even once many centuries.

  • The Lotus Flower is taken into account a sacred flower in India that imparts a wizardly character to the present peculiar aroma.
  • The aroma of lotus attracts abundance to our lives.
  • terribly useful for business and new corporations, its aroma immerses United States within the energy of the positive creation of recent comes.
  • within the moments of depression, we tend to square measure alleviated by being sick and it induces United States to carry our spirits.
  • Its aroma is soft and delicate because the flower.




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