The Best SEO Forums to Follow in 2023

SEO forums have tended to get a bad reputation in terms of SEO and authority in recent years. Truth be told, forums were seen as the perfect place to spam with backlinks to one’s own site. They represented anything but acquiring quality SEO and valuable resources. Since Google penalized some of these sites, SEO forums tend to be much better intentioned.

In fact, investing in forums can bring a lot of benefits to your business . Let’s take a look at what SEO forums have to offer, how to spot the quality ones, and the top SEO forums to trust in 2016. Bulk URL Opener tool will help you to perform your work with a continous speed.

  • Forums are an infinite source of information
  • Forums are a good place to get your questions answered.
  • Forums are a great way to promote your business and demonstrate your knowledge to a quality audience.
  • Forums can be a nest of influencers to connect with
  • Forums can bring traffic to your website if you offer to help
  • Visitors are going to want to know what’s behind your expertise
  • Forums can help you gather feedback and ideas
  • Forums are a good place to start collaborations with people in your field

How do you know if a forum is trustworthy?

There are plenty of SEO forums already out there and you will surely be tempted to look for forums not penalized by Google. But there are other factors you could focus on:

Do you have to create an account or pay to connect? If so, this can be a guarantee of quality since only people who are very interested in the forum will take the time to create a profile.
Is the forum managed by a moderator? If not, leave
Is the content quality and relevant? This may be a point that seems obvious but if the forum doesn’t really talk about SEO, there’s no point in staying here.

And about links: are they allowed or not? If so, are they “nofollow” or “dofollow”? Be careful with the link policy on the forum. If too many links are published in “dofollow”, this is certainly a sign of poor quality of the forum
Does the forum have categories or subcategories? If not, the forum is going to be a noisy place with poor navigation.

What are the best SEO forums?
Please find below a list of English forums :

Moz forum
The Moz forum is a reference in its field. It’s very easy to search for topics in the toolbar, and Moz people are doing everything they can to help. If you’re looking for SEO answers, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a good forum since it is intended for both beginners and experts. Thanks to distinct categories, it is very easy to navigate the forum and you can even find out how many people have contributed.

What’s best about this forum? The ability to see if creators are online and access their profiles.

Once registered, you will have access to topics relating to hosting but also to topics on SEO. It’s a popular forum to know about.

This trustworthy forum is valuable thanks to its excellent navigation. It is organized into categories and subcategories and offers many topics related to marketing and SEO.

Here is also a list of French SEO forums :

Webrankinfo is one of the first forums created dedicated to natural referencing, which gives it considerable expertise and gives access to important archives.

Webmaster HUB
If you have serious questions about webmastering in general, many professionals will be ready to answer you.

Despite a relaxed atmosphere, the Twiger forum is aimed at experts in natural referencing and web marketing.

Rank SEO
This forum also dedicated to natural referencing describes itself as a place of sharing where passionate webmasters and bloggers are invited to discuss.

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