The Best Shoe Stores In Los Angeles, California, And Philadelphia Selling Wayne Edwards And Edward Green Shoes

It isn’t always easy to find the shoe you’re looking for, some shoestores sell it, and others don’t. It can become a daunting task; however, if you know where to look and which stores sell your favorite brands, it’s a lot less effort with a little shopping research. Being the shopping haven it is, Los Angeles is known to have some of the best shoe stores there are.

Wayne Edwards and Edward Green

Both are renowned names when it comes to adorning men with stylish suits and shoes. Philadelphia is one of the places with clothing and shoe stores that sell these brands, especially at some of the best shoe stores in Philadelphia.

With that said, their stock is also available in stores around Los Angeles and California as well, being that those cities are shopping heaven for people with good and luxurious taste in clothing and shoes.

Edward Green is a big name when it comes to the manufacturing of certain shoes, such as the Piccadilly loafer and the Luccombe loafers, both favorites among modern men. He also designs and manufactures men’s boots and army boots.

Wayne Edwards fully believes that you can wear confidence, that’s why his suits are not only luxurious and fancy but of good quality as well. His custom-made shirt and suits carry an old-school feel that men from all over Philadelphia, California, and Los Angeles love. Wearing these two icon designs together, you’re bound to make a statement.

Shopping in and around California

California is one of the places that sell shoes from multiple shoe brands, including Edward Green shoes. Some of the best shoe stores are around the Cali area, and there’s something for everyone, men, women you name it.

It’s said that Californians have a specific taste in shoes and suits and that it matches their “feel good” moments. Therefore they like boots, loafers, sandals, and of course, skateboarder footwear. Comfortable, yet luxuriously stylish.

Shopping in Los Angeles – men and women (Unisex)

As people, we love adorning ourselves with beautiful things, and shoes are one of them. Not only do women love shoes, but men do as well.

Specific help for all travelers to the west coast is a list of great shoe stores to visit while you’re in Los Angeles are:

  • Vamp – This store has all necessities while selling beautiful, unique, and colorful shoes for women, from heels to boots.
  • Sportie – Has all your casual footwear in a luxurious yet sporty way. They sell shoes for men and women.
  • Sole Desire- Sole Desire sell multiple shoe brands, as well as socks and foot care accessories.
  • Find your feet- At find your feet you’ll find great slip-on shoes and silly socks. It’s a fun shop to do shoe shopping in.

It’s difficult to beat the feeling of personal service when it comes to a shoe shop in Philadelphia, especially when you need fitted shoes for sports or an outing. Not only that but also if you need a certain shoe in a special size.

Another great shop to visit in LA is Shutz, as they sell the masterpieces of a Brazillian designer. LA is the city where you’ll find renowned shoe designers as well as under-the-radar boutiques with stylish shoes for men and women.

Not only shoes

Not only shoes but men’s and women’s fashion of all kinds to complement the shoes they wear. It doesn’t matter what you wear, red carpet-ready heels, casual sandals, or running shoes. Whatever you need the shoe shop in Philadelphia has it all and more.

Multiple new boutiques are making their way into the light with new shoe ideas every day. From comfortable everyday shoes to high heels galore, the industry of shoe designing and accessorizing is growing rapidly. Since fashion doesn’t need any reason or cause, the industry will expand allowing customers from all over to experience different statements of shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.

One thing that’s absolutely needed is a decent pair of shoes. Be it high heels of 4 inches or starter shoes for your baby. It’s a necessity, and even more so with the generation of today and the modern world, we live in. “Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes.”

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