The Best Teacher Resources for All Ages and Subjects

Every day as they prepare for the lessons, teachers deal with challenges. Finding reliable teaching resources can be difficult and time-consuming. The best teacher resources promote learning, encourage student creativity, and help you improve as a teacher. In this article, we share top classroom resources from the Resources for Teaching website suitable for all ages and subjects. If you’re searching for engaging lessons, worksheets and materials, look no further! Their resources are engaging and can be downloaded and accessed from any electronic device.

1. Early Finisher Task Cards for All Primary Year Levels (1-6)


Includes 132 task cards for students in years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These bright and engaging task cards are perfect for all primary school classrooms. Plenty of activities to reinforce skills your students have learnt that will keep them busy all year through! Students can simply swap cards or pick one up when they have finished their work early. This gives you the opportunity to work with kids who are struggling with their work whilst giving something thought-provoking to others.

No need to worry about waste! With these task cards, simply print and laminate to be used over and over again as a lifelong tool. The bundle comes in handy for casual teachers who work with children across the stages as well as classroom teachers to prepare for future years ahead or provide more complex/ easier tasks to their children, depending on their ability.

2. Writing Grids $1 Deal for Years 2 – 6


Are you looking for ways to spark motivation for independent writing? This resource includes 6 writing grids that provide new and exciting prompts that will challenge your students with their writing craft. Students can colour in the boxes once they have completed the task.

Wonderful for children in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! Easy to print and students can choose from plenty of prompts that will last for months. Also great for casual/ relief teachers who need a quick writing prompt for an English lesson!

3. Number of the Day Task Cards


Includes 60 ‘Number of the Day’ task cards perfect for students from kindergarten to year 6! Students can roll or select any one, two, three or four digit number and use the task cards to solve mathematical problems and become familiar with whole numbers. Beautiful rainbow design to keep students engaged, this can be used all year as a warmup or activity during maths lessons.

4. Celebrations and Traditions from Around the World Slides and Worksheets (Year 1 – 6)


Take a trip around the world as we discover some of the celebrations and traditions in 10 different countries. This resource includes 23 lecture slides filled with pictures, informational passages, and interesting facts about 10 unique celebrations from around the world! This is a wonderful resource for students learning about celebrations and commemorations in Australia and the world in Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) (History and Geography) lessons. (ACHASSK065)

This resource also includes a research task where students choose one celebration from around the world and fill in the information in the worksheet provided. This will help consolidate important details and enable students to focus on key parts of the text that has been read from the informational slides!

If you’re searching for the best teaching resources in Australia, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have a helpful collection of learning materials that will save you time and effort. Your students will love using their engaging lesson plans, worksheets and materials. For more visit

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