The Best Vocal Plugins of 2020

Do you want to make your vocals sound professional but don’t know how to do it? However good your voice is, plugins can take it to the next level. Whether you believe it or not, the mic does nothing but capture your voice. Even an expensive mic can’t do anything unless you have the right plugins. If you are thinking of improving your voice and blaming yourself for the last poor performance in a recording studio, you must have a look at the list of the best vocal plugins of 2020. There are a number of paid plugins out there, but the ones on the list will make you sound better than before.

The vocal plugins on the list are used by professionals in the music industry and will add smoothness to your vocals. If you have been surfing the net all day and night in search of the best vocal plugins, there is no need to grope in the dark! You are at the right place. Let’s have a look at these best vocal plugins of 2020.

Softube Trident A-Range

In the modern music industry, it is important to keep vocals as smooth as possible. Almost every sound engineer makes attempts to make vocals as thicker as possible. These secrets are never revealed by professional sound engineers. If you are looking for the best vocal plugin, you can try out Softube Trident A-Range. It is one of the best vocal plugins that you can use in order to make vocals sound perfect. It gives vocals smoothness so that vocals don’t sound harsh. Harsh vocals may cause a nuisance to listeners and don’t sound good. If you are looking for a good vocal plugin, it will surely appeal to you.

Fabfilter Pro Q3

Now is the time to have a look at the most loved vocal plugin in the modern music world. All the professionals often go for Fabfilter Pro Q3. If you are thinking of setting up a studio and have invested a good amount of money in hardware, make sure you invest in Fabfilter Pro Q3 too, because you can’t get awesome quality without Fabfilter Pro Q3. It is highly appreciated and used by professionals all around the world. If your voice doesn’t sound professional, you should go for Fabfilter Pro Q3.

As a modern sound engineer, you should never forget the superb vocal plugin of 2020. It is really worth giving a try. The paid plugin can give you the desired results. The best thing about Fabfilter Pro Q3 is, it lets you EQ the desired part of a track. You can choose the part which you want to EQ. It is not just for vocals but instruments too. It can really make a big difference. You should try out this amazing vocal plugin.

Fabfilter Pro C2

Fabfilter offers a complete bundle of all sorts of vocal plugins that you can use for enhancing vocals and enrich the vocal quality in just a few seconds. Fabfilter Pro C2 is a part of the same bundle. It is an excellent compressor that almost every sound engineer loves. With the help of this great plugin, you can compress the vocals and make it sound better in quality. It is really better than words can say about it. Similar to Pro Q3, it lets you choose the specific part of the vocals you want to compress. The development of Fabfilter Pro C2 has made it easy to compress the particular part of vocals.

The best thing to say about it is, Fabfilter Pro C2 has a wide range of presets that you can apply to vocals in order to make it sound better. If you are looking for a good compressor that may help you achieve the professional results, Fabfilter Pro C2 can be helpful to you.

All the vocals plugins mentioned above are really superb and used by professionals in the world of audio production.

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