The best way to begin will be questing

If you’ve not done it, your Love Story quest unlocks a new type of dungeon which adds a whole multitude different dungeon guards that can be added to the room including scarabites black demons, iron dragons etc. Most of these new monsters are much less expensive than OSRS Gold the old hellhounds, trolls and dragons etc.. If I missed anything you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact me again.

Lardar pretty much summarized the most effective methods, however to make a proper strategy, it is necessary to determine exactly at what level you’re.

The best way to begin will be questing – just as with most of the techniques. Simple quests like The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Holy Grail, and Recruitment Drive will be there to guide you through the fundamentals of Prayer ability. After that, you will have to farm bones in order to attain higher amounts of the Prayer.

A reliable source of Prayer experience is Dragon Killing. Their bones provide a lot of knowledge and experience, and they don’t require extremely high levels of stats. To eliminate Blue Dragons below the Taverley (in Taverley Dungeon) you won’t need much resources as they can be killed from a safe spot. If you’re looking to accomplish this, keep in mind to use Magic because they are not suited to this particular type of combat. Use huge eggs, rocks and columns to make Dragon stuck, then complete them with your spells.

Alternately, you could kill Green Dragons north of the Graveyard in the Wilderness. Bring an Anti-Dragon Shield, food and equipment. Avoid taking anything valuable to ensure that you don’t risk losing the money you have invested in Player Killers. You may also want to buy runescape levels consider farming for Void Knight Equipment since you’ll never lose it dying in the low Wilderness. It’s an excellent option for Dragon Killing and a safe one to wear in this region.

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