The best we could hope for is advancements to Madden 21

I stated this in the comments on Twitter but Madden 21 coins I will reiterate it . I believe that is the beginning of the steps in the right direction, and that I feel the are beginning to understand that errors, but until I see advancements, I will stay doubtful. I can appreciate your optimism, but I’m not confident in them rolling anything out aside from a patch 60+ days post launch using maybe one decent attribute added or state v1.5 of this situation engine, which is not even near sufficient. Maybe they will add a snoop dog in our franchise to talk to us.

They’ll give us 10 bullets points of patch notes instead of 8. I won’t buy into anything before we really see something. This is going to be the year I don’t buy Madden, unless they make some MAJOR changes. What I am afraid will happen is they’ll have some rough thoughts, rush out it half completed to meet the deadline, and we might need to wait till Madden 22 to get the”complete” experience.

I doubt there’s anything they can”add”. Let’s face it, it’s July and the match releases following month. The match is finished and probably has been for weeks since they regurgitate the same shit over and over. Petition to have”EA sports, it is in the game” transformed to”EA sports, so it is the same game” I will place my money with this man getting fired ahead of the launch and we never hear or see anything about mending franchise.

Only little patch work will be inserted at this point. Its needs a entire tear down and rebuild and its too late for this at Madden21 and EA understands that. EA has witnessed our outside cry and got afraid of all of the money that they could lose on franchise lovers not buying the game this year in order that they set this guy up to calm down us knowing nothing major will come of this and he’ll be the fall guy, not EA as a whole.

I don’t give a fuck. I am not purchasing Madden 21 or 22. If the franchise community was critically important we would not get 8 bullet points about bug fixes, obscure talk of X-Factors and telling us the 2020 Playoff structure was a fucking characteristic. Make changes and I still won’t buy your recycled crap. Someone else can invest $2000 on your dumb sim license. I’ll purchase 2K’s”non-sim” 10 days just to spite you clowns, EA. They have been making empty promises for years. The best we could hope for is advancements to Madden 22. Did you read the article? It merely spoke about changes which were made to franchise mode for cheap Mut 21 coins last year, which the changes mentioned actually did occur. They just were not significant.

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