The Best Wedding Photographers: How to Choose the Right One for Your Big Day


You’ve found the perfect wedding venue, picked out your dress, and sent out the invitations; all that’s left to do now is find the perfect wedding photographer to capture every moment and detail of your big day! You don’t want your wedding pictures to be just good; you want them to be amazing! The best way to achieve this goal is to find an experienced and skilled wedding photographer who can capture all of the important moments in your big day, as well as all of your emotions. That being said, not every photographer will be right for you. In order to make sure that you have the best wedding photographers Sydney possible, take into account these tips on how to choose the right one for your big day.

Start researching the right way

There are a number of factors that you’ll want to consider when choosing a wedding photographer, including your budget, their style and how much time they need with the couple. Wedding photoshoot Sydney can be costly and if your wedding is just two hours long, then a shorter session will suffice. The longer sessions take place in an engagement shoot or second shoot so it’s best to plan this early on as well. If you’re set on hiring one photographer, then figure out how many hours they will be at the wedding and find out if they charge by hour or by day. Consider how many days there are before the wedding so you can plan accordingly.

What will be included in your package?

What is included in your package varies from photographer to photographer, but typically includes a small wedding photoshoot with a couple hours onsite during your event. A typical wedding photoshoot also includes photos of family members, bridal party and guests at the wedding venue, often taken before or after the ceremony or reception.

What kind of experience do they have?

A good wedding photographer will not only make you and your guests comfortable, but also take amazing pictures that you’ll cherish forever. To start with, look at how much experience they have—are they known for being a top vendor in their area? Do they work with any big brands? Are they able to deliver on time? Next, scope out their style—do they have a diverse portfolio, or specialize in one type of wedding photography Sydney? Is there anything about their aesthetic that appeals to you? Lastly, check if they’re available when it comes time for your event.

Are they easy to get in touch with?

Once you decide which photographer is right for you, it’s important to contact them and see if they are available on your big day. It’s also important that they are easy to get in touch with. A good way to do this is by contacting them via email or phone call. We recommend making sure that you find a photographer who responds quickly and within a reasonable amount of time, even when planning a wedding can be stressful!

Do you like their portfolio?

If you are considering hiring a wedding photographer, it’s important that you take a few minutes to look at their portfolio and see if they have any photos that resonate with you. Unfortunately, there is no one right answer when it comes to what qualities make a good photographer as this can vary based on preference and style. We think a good wedding photographer should be creative, willing to go off-script and flexible enough to meet your needs.

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