The Biggest Challenges Facing Cross-Channel TV Measurement

Today’s customers have more power than before. So, marketers need to reach their target audience by defining which channels they interact with most. One channel method won’t give you a holistic understanding of your target audience. This makes it hard to create a personalized, comprehensive client experience. With cross-channel TV ads measurement, you can take all touchpoints into account, optimizing your message together with each step as the client interacts with your company.

What is Cross-Channel Advertising? 

Cross channel advertising is a blend of different advertising channels to build a more cohesive consumer journey for the target audience. Different channels should integrate to build a connected message leading from one to the other. Through engaging consumers at various touchpoints, advertisers can use a people-based marketing strategy to create comprehensive profiles that assist in customizing the client experience and establishing loyalty.

Challenges of Cross Channel 

There are some acute challenges facing the cross-channel field of TV ads that must be addressed. They include:

  • Ad Frequency Control 

Traditional television hasn’t done good work with frequency control as they bombard leave television viewers with similar ads every time. Nevertheless, as bad as this sounds, it stakes in comparison to the unbelievable amount of unsealed frequency viewers are hit with on ads-supported streaming platforms.

  • Overlapping of Cross Channel Audience 

As any person who has combined viewership data from streaming and linear TV understands, there is considerable overlap between audiences who watch the two frequently. Like you need to play, purchase and measure linear TV audiences on a de-duplicated basis, it’s crucial you do that to access all television viewership, whether delivered via cable box, cloud source, digital antenna, or satellite dish. Assuming that TV audiences on all platforms are additive to each other is wrong and dishonest.

  • Several Channel Management 

Managing several channels at once is hard. It entails understanding your audiences and where, when, and how they utilize media to get info. It’s essential to determine the best method and increase sales performance for your customers’ accounts. An effective way to solve this problem is to create a buyer persona. This will save you cash and time when assigning an advertising budget since it offers you a clear roadmap to marketing strategies that work for the specific channel.

  • Bots

Smart TV software and hardware closely imitate that of smartphones. So, all the bots, ad fraud, and torrents common in smartphones are being seamlessly ported into television. Nevertheless, these smartphones aren’t worried about this problem because many mobile ad campaigns are purchased, priced, and even measured on performance. They aren’t measured on impression, company impact, and reach.

But that’s different with TV. Verified and independent panels must solve this. Bots can’t participate in any appropriately verified panel. Whenever channels you haven’t heard of attract millions of viewers and impressions, make sure you verify these claims.

Doing TV ads cross-channel measurement shouldn’t stress you. Partner with reliable platforms and get the right tools that offer you the time to concentrate on other channels.

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