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Lynch will also decide whether to come out in April. Informed people revealed that he considered this decision. There is certain attraction to play the hometown team, which may affect his decision. According to the familiar people, Linqi told people that their dreams have been playing for the raid. He opened a “beast mode” surrounding commodity store in Auckland.

Rogers is also one of the most recent assistant coaches of the Dolphin team. Star defensive lines such as Cameron Wake, Oliver Vernon, Randy Starks and Jared Odrick has grown down in Rogers. This season, the dolphine team has a total of 39 quartz to kill.

College – Tim Tibo is almost invincible. Inside and outside the stadium, as if he is a symbol of victory. However, Ryan was in his senior year to break the domination of the major awards Tibo. That year he won awarded to the nation’s best college quarterback, “Manning Award”, Chiang Kai-shek year’s candidates have the mighty Tibo.

Although it is very ridiculous when I think the university team can overcome the professional team of NFL, this is the current situation of Brown. This survey also shows that only 12% of Brown fans hope the team to leave a four-point guardian-Manzel (Johnny Manziel), 72% of people think that it is trust.

The player has clearly stated that players hoped that economic losses have been shared until 2030 until the existing labor agreement expires. Even if the 2020 wage cap is only $ 10 million, it will also cause a strong blow to the big list of each team.

If the player will not follow the alliance, the remote activities will continue

On Tuesday, the NFL player’s registration date, but the current alliance and the player will still negotiate how to deal with the epidemic, and the season will be held. If both parties cannot agree on this Sunday, remote work may continue indefinitely.

In many cases, in order to elicit the Patriots below it is a good idea. The 52nd Super Bowl, when the Patriots counterattack rise at the last moment, many people are skeptical Hawks will not repeat the mistakes of the National League champion in the 51st Super Bowl. That support one step away from the Super Bowl team is the Atlanta Falcons, and their leader, it is the protagonist Matt – Ryan.

Auckland raid people are interested in retreat to run Tyun-Lynch

According to informed people, the Auckland raiders are seriously considering the way of retired running Wannch, who has been retired by trading or waiting for him to sign his way. MARSHAWN LYNCH.

A survey recently conducted a survey in Ohio, more than 57% of respondents believe that Ohio State University can fight Brown, only 23% of people think that Brown can win, and 20% cannot give this answer.

With outstanding performance in the stadium, Ryan became the cover of NCAA Football game of the year. Although there is no “Madden curse”, but Ryan still could not seem to win the Super Bowl (2017 hope this will not be his closest Super Bowl once).

US Time Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, considering 2020, 2021 profit loss, the current team owners still demand to reduce the wage. But this program may cause multiple old people to be cut.

Senior year, Matt – Ryan started his own personal website And the other players are free to get hold different sites fool, Ryan himself often po their own lives on the site, and even the perception of life.

Most residents believe that Ohio State University can fight Brown

There is no doubt that the American football team of Ohio State University is one of the most successful teams in the university. And wholesale jerseys and they in Cleveland Brown, Cleveland, which is NFL, the most needed team.

NFL players to participate in multi-branch school team in high school are not uncommon, and some man can even get a college scholarship on several projects. However, such players are generally physical burst devil muscles person, you can think of physical fitness unexciting Matt – Ryan turned out to be such a dwelling star it?

The team owners hoped to agree on this Sunday and finalize the contract. Because chiefs and Texas people will start physical training on Sunday. If the week cannot reach an agreement, NFL may notify each team, and the remote activity will continue to continue due to the training camp schedule.

[Starchaser Guide # 6: Matt – Ryan 8 of this face, you know what?

The new season is about to pull the curtain, the opening war by the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, play against the 51st Super Bowl loser Atlanta Falcons.

Fortunately, Matt – Ryan That is now out of the shadow of defeat. One interview he said, “That (the game) very disappointing, I was just being difficult to shut himself up. But we must look toward the future, the future may still be some opportunity to compete for the Super Bowl.”

According to relevant people, 49 people will continue to adhere to the 3-4 defensive formation. With Alton Smith, Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman and Antonie Bethea will be in full next season, 49 defensive The group still retains powerful competitiveness. The team hopes to return to the season in the new season after large renovation of the coach group.

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