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Giving Pierre – Paul’s privilege label is now the most appropriate way, this will give him a year to prove that he has gone from back surgery and shoulder injury, but people will consider long-term possible possibilities. Pierre – Paul is only 25 years old, according to the data of Pro Football Focus, he is the best 4-3 anti-shooting defensive end of the league.

This battle, the record of the crow came to 4 wins and 2 losses, the tiger and the tiger of the same partition, leading the steel person half a winner, leading the brown 1.5 winners, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the unprecedented airlines. Titan’s record 3 wins and 3 wins, with the American tiger, the Temple of Texas, Wholesale jerseys and the competition in the United States of America is also very intense. Although the crow and Titan are the strong competitors of the seasonal seats, but at least from today’s game, the crow is more like a seasonal team.

Despite the recorded data, there are many scouts to adapt to NFLs, because the University of Oregon does not use traditional offensive systems. NFL official website expert Pakistan Bucky Brooks believes that Mario Tag can grow into an excellent player in the occupational alliance, but he thinks that Florida State University 4-point Weijie-Winston is interested in This year’s election is more excellent.

The giant coach group took more time to express his talents rather than looking for creative methods to use him. However, Jerry Reese has never given the second contract in which the player selected in his own draft. The team also hopes to get a long time after the end of the season, and it is a fascinated by the future of the team.

Mustang attack, a gear 10 yards Anderson Burnout get 12 yards. Second gear 12 yards Oswald Thomas Weiler find the right line to get the 11 yards, one yard third gear Colts defense group abruptly put running back pressed down, fourth gear 2 yards Broncos strong play, Austin Wheeler pass found Sang Fernandez got the first new attack. A gear 10 yards pass Weller Booker Oslo, hurdle flying out of the latter into the end zone defender, but the yellow Mustang naught point. But the second gear 16 yards Oscar Weiler very accurate in finding Sanders walked cross the line to get the first attack into the red zone. Third gear 9 yards, Austin Wheeler astute get out all the defense ran out of the pocket, opened the security guard at all the ball players stare Road opened its doors, Austin Wheeler himself diving into the end zone to win touchdowns ! Additional points scored 7-10.

“If we are not able to sign Tom? Obviously we will retain Jamiens. Of course I don’t know. I am not a general manager. I am not a head coach. Obviously, I want Jamiens back because he is mine. Brother, “Evans said. “But you can sign Tom Bradi’s chance. That is Tom Braddy, brother. That is the best player in history. He is a player who can change the team. He will change the team.”

“After meeting with my family, I have decided to give up my qualification for the last year and participate in the 2015 NFL draft,” Mario Tag said in a personal statement. “My four years in Oregon is a wonderful experience. I have a CHIP Kelly, the Helfrich, the SCOTT FROCT, the remaining Oregon coach and the ball. Team staff shaped me into adults and shaped it for a player and a student athlete. “

The crow defensive group has a total of 11 times of Mario Tag, breaking the number of team history of the number of crow single-game, only let Mario Tag successfully pass 10 times. Like this first quarter-saving success is really rare than the game that is less than being killed.

The height is 1 meter 93, the weight 99 kg of double threat player Mario Tag won the 2014 Hesmann Tropha. His sports ability is brought and the San Francisco 49 people quad-saving comparable to his Panel (Colin Kaepernick) compared to the premieval of his pass and green bay packaging workers quartz 阿 Alon – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) )Compare. After the National Championships in the University Football Play, Mario Tita was widely considered to enter the professional stadium. “He never made decisions in 3 days,” said the Oregon University Attack Coordinator Scott Frost Athleted Interview on Monday. “He has been thinking about this, and he will make a correct decision.”

This may be one of the best five defensive ends in the league three to the entire season of the whole season. In the past five years, he has achieved 36.5 killing, and it is selected for 2 career bowls.

In short, his value will not be cheap. “If I can stay here, I hope to be a giant for life,” Pierre – Paul told ESPN. “But who knows? I don’t know what will happen, I don’t worry about what will happen. My broker will handle this with the giant when I need negotiation.”

Oregon University quartz, Mario Tag, announced the election

In everyone, the University of Oregon Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus will announce the early NFL draft this year. This long-awaited rumor has been confirmed by the official website of the Oregon University Team on Wednesday.

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