The boom in the Tourism Sector makes BHM a Happening Course

In this age of privatization, economic liberalization and globalization, tourism and hospitality industry in India (and across the globe) is witnessing an unprecedented boom. The tourism sector is one of the largest employers in India and also a prime source of earning valuable foreign exchange. Both the central and state governments realize this and as such we constantly come across ads in print and electronic media coaxing tourists to come to India or any particular Indian state. The hospitality and tourism industry in India is on a robust growth path and so are the employment opportunities in this exciting and dynamic sector.


Bachelor in Hotel Management programs provide students with instruction in hotel administration, food service, and marketing. The programme prepares the students professionally with all requisite operational and managerial skills so as to make them eligible to join various sectors of hospitality industry which includes hotels, cruise lines, international restaurant chains, airlines, retail, banks, hospitals, MNCs, PSUs including Indian Armed Services and Central Government.Modern and relevant course content offered by top-class institutes does an exceptional job of producing market-ready graduates. Candidates after successfully gaining their degree can prove beneficial in more ways than one to their employers, as apart from thorough instructions in hotel management, they are taught in detail about the marketing and sales aspects of hotels as well.


Top Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) colleges in Lucknow either operates their hotels or have close contacts with leading hotel chains. This allows them to offer valuable practical exposure as students can work there during their internship and gain relevant work experience. Some programs offered by well-established institutes also include travel/tourism courses to broaden the horizon of their students. In addition to conducting regular classes for the prescribed subjects relevant to Hotel Management program, Institutions conduct regular classes for Foreign Languages so as to prepare the students to work in hospitality sector globally.

Institutions through its highly qualified and skilled faculty members with vast industrial and academic experience prepare the students as per requirements and standards of Hospitality industry. Institutions through Property Management Systems- Hotel Management software ,provides practical training to the students about major departments of hotels. Institutions also provide maximum industry interface through organizing regular guest lectures, workshops, seminars, vocational and industrial training, opportunities to work on weekends and holidays in hospitality industry under guidance of professionals. These opportunities and platforms provide maximum industrial exposure to students created by the Institution through signing MoUs/tie up with various five star deluxe hotels of repute across the country, so as to update them with the recent developments , trends and practices being followed in the industry.

Hotel Management Courses

Apart from the Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) course in Lucknow, quality institutes have the infrastructure and the faculty to offer a diverse range of courses and degree programs in Hotel Management. Some of the more popular ones are mentioned as following:

  1. Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management ( PGDHM)
  3. Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
  4. B.Sc. in Hospitality Management
  5. M.Sc. in Hospitality Management

Apart from the few courses mentioned above, one & half year Diploma in Housekeeping, Diploma in Bakery, Diploma in Confectionery, Diploma in Food Production  etc. are also offered.

Eligibility for Hotel Management courses

The minimum qualification for a diploma in hotel management or a Bachelor in Hotel Management is 10+ 2. Unlike engineering or medicine, there is no restriction placed on your choices of main subjects at the intermediate level. Many institutes conduct their entrance examinations for entry into hotel management courses. A written test is usually followed by a group discussion and a personal interview.

Employment opportunities

As mentioned above, the Hospitality and Tourism industry is on a fast-paced track and as such, there is no dearth of job opportunities for qualified aspirants. Hotel Managers can find plenty of employment opportunities in conference centers, resorts, motels, and a variety of hotels.

  • They can also find jobs in Indian Armed Services as Junior Commissioned Officers (Catering), as cabin crew in national and international airlines, As a supervisory position in cruise lines, as a catering officer in central government schools like NavodayaVidayalayas , Sainik Schools etc. , as a supervisory position in hospitals and institutional Catering, as an entrepreneur, as a customer relationship executive in service sectors, as a faculty member in central government schools / central / state government / private Hotel Management institutes.


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