The Boys Superhero Show Season 2 Review

The Boys season 2 is reassuringly familiar. You will see comical violence, superheroes who misbehave, and Karl Urban who will be swearing in a cockney and Australian accent, without any regard for the geographical borders.

In season 1 of The Boys, the group declared an underground war against The Seven. The Seven is a group of superheroes which is a corporate-owned group and which used to behave in an unprincipled way. Jack Quaid who has played the role of Hughie Campbell joins The Boys because his girlfriend gets murdered by an individual from the group The Seven. Everything becomes more complicated for him by his later relationship with Starlight, whose role is played by Erin Moriarty, who is the newest member of the team.

Billy Butcher whose role is played by Karl Urban, in the meanwhile, deals with evil Superman-alike Homelander whose role is played by Antony Starr. He is the leader of The Seven. Butcher gets an impression of his wife being murdered by Homelander. But, later in the season finale, she is seen alive and had Homelander’s son during all those years. The scene gets all set for a confrontation during the starting of season 2.

However, in a new set of episodes of season 2, a little wait can be seen before Butcher rejoins the group in full swing. The show then picks up after some time, and you might feel the gaps only partially filled.

The Boys: Season 2

In season 2 of The Boys, you will see that the group will no longer be underground. Now they will be a known quantity and will be under the list of most wanted by the law enforcement; also, Homelander will have them in his sight.

During all this, Vought, the company that was responsible for giving the drug to The Seven for obtaining superpowers finds its new leader, Stan Edgar. From behind the scenes, Edgar asserts power over The Seven and puts Homelander in his place from the very starting of this season.

Entertaining, Yet Bleak

You might see the season 2 of The Boys struggling in keeping the relationship bond between Hughie and Starlight as it was before. Although, it was an element which had a significant impact on season 1, but this time writers have not come up to that level, and they have failed to deliver the same thing again, apart from the fact that The Boys are now hiding.

Rest of the content of The Boys is still exceptionally well, and it has presented the varied perspectives of its characters along with all their struggles for power. Even though the self-centered members of the group The Seven have done many terrible things, still they have a vast number of gray areas that makes them exciting to watch.

The Seven get their new hero Stormfront (whose role is played by Aya Cash) who shakes things up, which straightforwardly irritates the other members. The addition of this new member was against the wishes of Homelander, which will definitely lead to clashes.

Meanwhile, excommunicated member The Deep of The Seven, played by Chace Crawford, tries to find his self-worth, and earlier in season 1, he tried to rehabilitate. In season 2, you can also see tensions between The Boys, because of the relationship between Hughie and Billy.


The tonal range of The Boys is fascinating. Great attention is paid to the dialogues and characterization, which makes the comical violence of the show, its background attraction. The supporting characters have received a lot more attention in this season compared to season 1. Don’t miss out this fantastic season as it is all set to release on September 4, on Amazon Prime Video. You will get to see a new episode every week until October 9.

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