The Burden of 508 Compliance: the Excessive Costs of Remediation Services

Web accessibility means eliminating barriers so individuals with disabilities can interact with websites, documents, and other information technology. Currently, several tools exist that enable individuals with learning disabilities, low vision, or blindness to read and access websites, documents, and other sources of information. All consumers can now have identical access to functionality and information. 

What are Section 508 compliance solutions?

508 compliance requires that communication and information technology enclosed by each statute be handy to individuals with impairments. This contains hardware, software, applications, website content, and any other technology public or employees use. Any business that receives federal funding – like private contractors – is held to this law.

Section 508 Compliance Services

  1. Project Assessment

A professional expert will draw a pathway, create goals to achieve, and evaluate your needs for accessibility. Starting with an audit is a great choice from the initial period only. 

  1. Testing (includes support, certification, and compliance documentation)

Authentication testing with only assistive technologies does not offer a complete assessment. Even the top tools cannot cater to all the requirements – and find it difficult to keep pace with developing assistive technologies. 

Experts test to the standard using manual and automated methods to bond the gap. Professional certified testers focus on mobile devices, products, documents, and usability issues. 

  1. Remediation

(Commercial-off-the-shelf and custom software source code)

Experts can openly apply the fixes for your request to be brought into traditional values with anticipated standards.

  1. Training

Professionals offer training developments on web accessibility. These courses can help you make user-friendliness more important for your staff. Handouts, checklists, and other materials are also offered for your group’s reference.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance

Remembering that applications and content are subject to continuous changes is vital. For instance, some websites have numerous content editors. This grows the risk of unintentional accessibility issues sneaking back into the software. Thus, it’s vital to monitor for sustained accessibility compliance at particular intervals.

Section 508 Remediation | Compliance Testing Services

508 compliance solutions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, management services’ IT systems must be accessible for people with disabilities. This comprises functionalities on websites, programs, software, and hardware that are accessible to those who are blind, have low vision, are deaf, or have low hearing.


Every commercial has varied compliance risks, so specialists offer testing services and tailored consulting. Specialists can help you identify any problems so we can work together to grow a 508 compliance plan to fix them.

Section 508 Compliance testing

Products are thoroughly inspected to ensure they pass Section 508 compliance testing and adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All federal government firms and organizations carrying out company deals with them must obey ADA guidelines–and that’s where 508 compliance testing comes into the picture. 

How do you find a 508 Document Remediation Specialist

Third-party 508 document remediation experts do most 508 compliance services. And it can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your document catalog.

508 compliance is valuable. A great 508 document remediation professional aligns you with the law and eliminates the legal risk you shoulder by putting data online.

The high cost of remediation services/Burden of 508 Compliance

Prices for 508 compliance differ depending on the application’s or website’s complexity and size. Some standard expenses include making required website code and design changes, purchasing specific software, and hiring a consultant. 

The Accessibility consultants help businesses develop a remediation plan and identify all barriers to accessibility. They also offer training on how to develop and design accessible technology. The pricing by professionals is the most competitive. 

What are the Prices of compliance and remediation services 

Every document is exclusive, and each client has diverse requirements, so there is no set price per page. A 10-page document with several graphics, charts, and tables may need more remediation than a 200-page typically text document. 

Several clients have different 508 compliance specifications– experts are ready to handle the most severe requirements.

For non-contract clients, the 508 Remediation Services cost is by the page and can only be established after assessing documents. There is no “distinctive” job, so the cost per page has a wide range- for instance, a health insurance organization with 80-100 documents totaling 2000-3000 pages may agree to a standard fee between $3-5. Non-contract remediation for an administration client may run as great as $15.00 per page.

Wrapping up

508 compliance solutions are required for all businesses that provide services or goods. Not only is Section 508 compliance vital to stay on the correct side of the law, but meeting these standards is great for business.



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