The Case for Switching Your Business to Paper Bags

Many states are cracking down on single use products out of concern for the environment. Retail stores are finding themselves under new restrictions on bag thickness and composition.


Some types of plastic bags will never disappear completely, Poly bags for packaging will always have a role to play in merchandising and shipping, especially where small components are concerned.. Replacing plastics with paper bags is an increasingly affordable, environmentally friendly option. Kraft paper bags cost marginally more than their plastic counterparts and have several functional advantages worth considering.


Say Hello to Biodegradable Paper Bags

Paper bags are biodegradable, in a landfill they completely decompose in roughly 2-6 weeks; plastics decompose at a much slower rate.


Paper bags are visually and tactilely more pleasant than their plastic counterparts. Logos or designs printed on paper are generally more visible due to the opacity (or lack thereof) of the material. Graphics printed on paper also benefit from its rigidity which permits less severe warping.

Customers may not take much notice of your packaging materials on a day-to-day basis; however, the environmental profile of a business is becoming increasingly important to customers, who are faced with more options than ever before. Creating an image of an environmentally conscious business, or at least avoiding the perception of ignorance, is undeniably beneficial.

Paper Bags are SUPER STURDY

Paper bags, by and large, perform better under stress and provide several other functional benefits. Paper bags have an easy to determine capacity. Often times people mistakenly overload plastic bags resulting in breakage or necessitating the use of an additional bag to hold the first one together.


Both paper and plastic bags can be reused by the consumer. Paper bags however, can be reused after being discarded. If properly recycled, paper, such as is found in kraft bags can be recycled up to 6 times giving it a much longer functional life than plastic.

 Concluding Thoughts

Paper bags are a ecologically friendly option that can help reduce your stores footprint and enrich your customers experience.




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