The Characteristics of Stone Honeycomb Panels

Stone honeycomb panels are an excellent choice for exterior cladding for many reasons. Here are some of their most essential characteristics:


High-quality stone honeycomb panels have a 6mm natural stone veneer or 3mm porcelain slab on top and aluminum honeycomb panels as reinforcement. The top veneer is bonded with the backing by an epoxy adhesive that has been specifically developed for this purpose. The best stone honeycomb panel can withstand huge temperature changes, from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the bonding strength will stay excellent for years to come.


Stone veneer panels with a honeycomb structure are often 1/3 the weight of solid stone slabs. The stone panels may reduce the overall dead load of the entire façade, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. Since the format is large and lightweight, installation can also be three times faster than using solid stone. Hence, you’ll save money and time on installation costs.

High strength

Better than traditional stone slabs, the intensity of the stone honeycomb panel is enhanced by combining marble, ceramic tile, granite, and aluminum honeycomb panel. This, in turn, improves bending resistance and shear resistance- minimizing damage caused during transportation or installation.

Sound insulation and moisture-proof

The stone aluminum honeycomb panel is made up of an aluminum honeycomb panel with a stone veneer. This combination creates a soundproof, moisture-resistant, heat-insulated, and cold-resistant product due to the hollow hexagonal honeycomb core structure. The air layer between skin sheets prevents airflow and makes it difficult for heat to convert or transmit.

Impact resistance

The honeycomb panel is designed to protect against external impact by converting the impact force into plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core. In other words, it effectively absorbs impact energy and is an ideal material for use in various high-traffic areas.

In conclusion, stone honeycomb panels are an excellent choice for your construction project because they are lightweight, strong, soundproof, and moisture-resistant. The key is to source them from a reputable supplier. This way, you can be sure that you will get the best quality products and enjoy these benefits for years to come.

About the Company

KC Panels is a professional manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels with experience of over 15 years. Our exterior panels are used in landmark projects in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, while our interior panels are widely used in Hong Kong, Macau, etc. We partner with renowned chemical manufacturers for trusted and proven bonding adhesives designated for honeycomb applications.


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