The child-safe pool fence – how high does the pond fence have to be?

To ensure safety and to prevent your children from simply climbing over the Northern beaches fences, a height of around one meter is recommended.

With the right pool parental control, it is guaranteed that they do not easily reach the pond or pool. Also, the distances between the bars are chosen so that your child cannot get their head caught in them.

If you need an inconspicuous and elegant picket fence, we are happy to help. The pond fences are available in different versions in our shop. Convince yourself of the quality of our pond fences and secure not only your pond but above all your loved ones!

Top-quality and fair prices:

Timber pailing fence is ideal as a property fence, to separate parts of your garden, or as a playground fence. You can assemble the fence yourself very easily and quickly without special tools or foundations.

If you want to make your pool childproof, then use the Northern beaches fences – the pool child safety device.

Would you like to keep your little child away from life-threatening dangers (pool, stairs, water containers, crash edges, cellar shafts, …)? Then the pool fence is just right.


– Mobile barrier if you do not want to install a permanent fence.

– Faster assembly and disassembly after screwing on the feet.

– Safe separation without having to lay foundations or drill mounting holes.

– The floor will not be scratched by the rubber feet.

– The pool fence lasts a lifetime.

– After use, the elements can be set aside quickly to save space.

Important tips to consider:

– Designate an adult who will actively observe children in the water.

– Teach all children to get out of the water when a supervising adult leaves the pool area.

– Ask others about the designated water guard at gatherings and parties.

– Hire a certified lifeguard for pool parties or water-related social gatherings.

– Stay close to your child when in a pool, spa, or bathtub.

– Installing four-sided pool fences, door alarms, locks, and other security measures will provide protective barriers between your child and the pool.

Buy pond fence/pool fence online:

Whether pond fences, pool fences, mobile fences, or fences for small animals, in our online shop for fences you will find high-quality fences for securing ponds, pools, parts of the garden. Your pool is child safe with our pool fence? Contact us to know more about our other products.

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