The community is pissed that Bioware confirms Anthem vanity chests won’t contain armour

All the players of Anthem have just had confirmation that the Elysian Stronghold Caches in the update of this month would not contain armour, and they claim that they were mistaken.

The miscommunication seems to have stemmed from both a comment of the live stream that implied new armour sets would be available in the reward chests, as well as a tweet from Bioware company lead producer, Ben Irving.

Irving was asked when the players of Anthem could expect to be able to earn or acquire armour sets in the game, and he replied, saying, Elysian chests should be up likely in the next week.

He later clarified that he had accidentally misread the question, and was referring to vanity items and products, as opposed to several armour packs.

Following the mix-up, another Twitter user jumped in on the situation, saying that while the studio never actually stated that armour would be in the chests of the stronghold, it should have been aware that the community of players thought otherwise, and did absolutely nothing to clear this up at the time.

Global gamers community lead Andrew Johnson responded, saying, Sorry you are disappointed, man. We are aware that the community wants to see more of the armor sets. It is not something that anyone is trying to hold back. Some things just take a little more time.

The news about the armour sets has apparently infuriated the gaming player base.

The next update was looking quite good, but now that there will be no new cosmetics I’m putting down the controller, said the OP in similarly titled subreddit.

Commentors in another thread of the forum are accusing Bioware company of holding back the content in an attempt to wring a lot more money from players.

This game called Anthem looks like it has been created in a vacuum. Just look at the raging competition and past games in the looter shooters genre of what is out there and you will see for yourself why people are disappointed and frustrated about Anthem, writes Redditor u/Wytness.

Another popular game Division 2 is fully functioning and has a lot of cosmetics being dropped for free. Warframe, which is a free to play the game, has much more content and options of cosmetic. Borderlands 2 a game that was released in mid-2012 has a lot of content. With the announcement of Borderlands 3 right around the corner and with the cosmetic chests not including several armor sets, if Anthem continues to ignore its competition more and more players in the gaming community will ignore it.

Bioware company shared Anthem’s 90-day roadmap in the mid of February, and this month of March will see the first update of Act 1: Echoes of Reality rollout, that will include a bunch of multiple new cosmetics in the Elysian Stronghold Caches, as well as various new missions, rewards, and many more.

The game has recently been rebalanced following various complaints about drop rates of loot, which caused quite the kerfuffle.

Riling up the community of players again, so soon after solving that problem, is just bad luck for Bioware company. The gaming studio will need to communicate its plans for armour sets and possibly reconsider the decision, which is to not include it as a drop in order to placate the players.

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