The company began as a humble self-made digital marketing agency

The company began as a humble self-made digital marketing agency with sales record of approximately RM80,000 per annum. Under the leadership of AlenYeoh, the company has champion the industry of internet advertising to reach today’s achievement of RM500,000 per annum, a financial growth of about 600%.

The company has also had a greater market share from 2 customers on its first month of operation to 2700 customers today, geographically ranges from Penang to KL and Singapore, right up to Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Myanmar. We have also managed more than RM1,000,000 of marketing funds for our clients.


Alen started with himself, a one-man company that runs the whole show until today he has 10 employees taking care of design, sales & marketing, accounts, trainings, administration. The company has grown from its headquarter in Penang to two more offices in KL and Singapore.

As a digital marketing agency, Evo Marketing SdnBhd has created a relatively significant impact on the market. With internet and information technology taking over the world by storm, it is only a matter of time digital marketing takes over the traditional marketing channels. The internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time. Customers have grown accustomed to engaging and interacting with one’s business. On the other hand, Evo has enabled many companies especially the SMEs to opt for a more affordable alternative in digital marketing. A social media campaign can send your message to a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of a TV or printed advertisement for example. Businesses who are willing to learn and take advantage of some simple marketing steps could put them ahead of the competition in this respect.

On its path to success, Evo has also fruitfully created quite a number of new job opportunities and entrepreneurships. The trainings and seminars conducted by Evo is perpetual and consistent, churning out about 50 new digital marketing savvy personnel per batch per month. Over four years of “Facebook For Business” & “Digital Marketing Made Simple” seminars and training classes we have produced about 2400 new entrepreneurs and e-commerce specialists. Graduates from Evo’s training courses were also introduced to potential employers looking to hire, match-making talents with decent working opportunities to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Other than helping our clients reduce cost in their advertising and promotional effort, likewise Evo achieves certain successes in cost reduction. The company’s forward-looking adoption of cost management has seen us migrating to the zero-paper policy. By digitalizing everything, we are no longer using paper document or any hard copies, instead we go for soft copies only, introduction of cloud-based access, practice the use of video conferencing (between KL, Singapore and US) to replace travelling for meetings or letter correspondences. We are also using cheaper office solutions such as second-hand furniture and equipment to promote recycling and cost saving.

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