The Complete Guide For Growing Cannabis: From Seeding To Harvesting

Growing Cannabis 

Many people think that growing cannabis is a great hassle.

If you’re dedicated enough, then it is an easy and exciting task to grow your cannabis.

If you know every step and requirement of growing cannabis, you can make your own best quality buds.

So, do you want to grow cannabis? Do you want to know every step involved, from germination to harvesting?

Well, with the proper knowledge and guidance, you can achieve your cannabis growth objectives.

You will need good seeds, growing medium, light, nutrients, and water to complete the process of your cannabis growth.

In this guide, we have taken suggestions from to enlist all the steps and techniques for growing cannabis.

So, follow this blog for in-depth steps and techniques to grow cannabis in its growing stages.

1. Cannabis Seeds Or Genetics

cannabis seeds or genetics

If you want to grow cannabis, you must look for the best quality cannabis genetics or seeds. Of course, you can also use cannabis clones, but seeds are the best choice if you’re a new grower.

You can buy your cannabis seeds from online stores or dispensaries at reasonable prices and good quality. But, of course, you have to use the best seeds suitable for your environment to grow.

You can choose cannabis seeds of strains like Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. But, first, you have to decide whether you want regular, feminized, auto-flowering, or mixed combination seeds.

If you choose regular seeds, you’ll have to remove any males before maturity and pollinate the females. In addition, you’ve to be cautious while cultivating the regular seeds for the change in photoperiod.

You won’t have to monitor much with auto-flowering strains or feminized seeds. These seeds are the best choices for new growers. If you’ve chosen your cannabis seeds, move to the next step, which is germination

2. Cannabis Germination Stage

cannabis germination stage

Your cannabis seeds need to sprout for plantation. Here, germination will prove to be the essential stage of your cannabis growth.

Germinating your cannabis seeds is no hassle if you know the proper steps and ways to do it. If you’re looking for easy ways of germination, follow these methods.

Method 1: Fold your cannabis seeds inside a moist paper towel and keep them for a few days. In addition, you’ve to ensure the towel remains moist. If the seeds pop out a taproot, you’re ready for planting your cannabis.

Method 2: If you want controlled germination, use mini-greenhouses with starter pods. This method will enable your cannabis seeds to start rooting before transplanting them into growing medium safely.

3. Growing Medium, Grow Tents, And Containers

If you want to grow your cannabis indoors, you’ve to use a grow tent and soil. You can choose any growing media, such as soil, coco, or peat.

If you’re a new grower, choosing soil will be beneficial for you. In addition, a good quality growing medium will help with enhanced cannabis quality.

If you spend a little more on your media, you’ll be able to avoid issues like unbalanced PH, pests, etc.

You’ll also need a pot for about one gallon that enables drainage of excess water. Here are a few steps you must know.

  • Add the growing media, say soil, in your pot to pour the seeds.
  • Insert your fingers in the soil to create a ½ to the 1-inch divot. Then, place the sprouted seeds, cover them, and water them.

It is advisable to use fabric pots for well-drainage, lightweight, and reusable options.

Now, have you considered where to grow your cannabis? Is it a closet or a storeroom? If not, you can choose a grow tent for a controllable growing environment.

Grow tents can be easily assembled and available in many local and online stores. Their reflective interior will enable maximum light efficiency for your cannabis growth. In addition, an overall grow tent kit provides a fan for airflow and filtration to keep away the smell.

4. Cannabis Vegetative Stage And Grow Lights

Now, you’ve to start with the vegetative stage of your cannabis growth.

Your cannabis plants will start to bulk up and develop the structure and framework to support flowering in this stage.

If you are using regular seeds of cannabis, your vegetative stage will need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Well, the size of your growth will decide the amount of light required for your cannabis plants.

You can use LED, HID, or LEC lights for growing your cannabis.

It is advisable to use LED lights for their energy efficiency, less power consumption, and maintaining the overall temperature of your grow room.

If you’re using a grow tent, you have to use a LED light that best fits the size.

In this stage, you’ve to monitor the sex of your plants closely. If you notice any males in the plants, then destroy them. But, if you’re using female clones or feminized seeds, this step won’t be necessary.

You have to ensure proper nutrition for the cannabis plants during this stage. Your plants will require a higher amount of nitrogen and a lesser amount of potassium and phosphorus in this stage.

Finally, you’ve to ensure pest control at this stage. If you can detect and eliminate pests or diseases in your cannabis plants beforehand in this stage, you won’t have to face critical pest threats.

You can use organic fertilizer for cannabis plants to protect and clean them from pests or insects.

6. Water, Air Circulation And Humidity

It is essential for you to maintain the air circulation, humidity, and temperature of your cannabis grow room.

Whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, you have to use distilled water with the right amount of pH level. The pH level of your water must range between 5.8 and 6.2.

If you’re growing outdoors, you won’t have to worry about air circulation, as it will depend on natural phenomena.

For indoor cannabis growth, you’ve to use either an exhaust fan system or oscillating fans.

This will help your growing room to maintain its temperature between 20-30°C and humidity between 70% at the start and 40% at the time of harvest.

7. Cannabis Flowering Stage And Nutrients

Cannabis Flowering Stage And Nutrients

Now, you will encounter the flowering stage of your cannabis plants. At this stage, your cannabis plants will start developing buds.

If you’re using regular seeds, you have to change the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness until harvest. However, auto-flowering seeds won’t need any changes as they flower when mature enough.

You have to keep checking the plants for pests and add enhancing nutrients or supplements to make healthy and tasty buds.

At this stage, your cannabis plants will need lower levels of nitrogen and higher levels of potassium and phosphorus along with other trace minerals.

8. Cannabis Trimming And Harvesting

Cannabis Trimming And Harvesting

If you’re a week closer to your cannabis harvest, stop feeding any nutrients to the plant. Instead, you’ve to water it with distilled water.

This will allow your plants to absorb the remaining nutrients in the soil so that your buds won’t end up with nutrients.

A leaf yellowing cannabis plant shall indicate to you the fact that it’s ready for harvest. You can also use a microscopic lens or jeweler lens to determine the trichomes of your cannabis buds.

If the trichomes are clear, they’re not ready for harvest. But, on the other hand, if the trichomes are milky-white, you can harvest them no time soon.

You’ll need scissors or gardening shears for optimal harvest and trimming of your cannabis plants. Moreover, do not disturb the potent trichomes while harvesting.

So, from this comprehensive guide, you can easily and effectively grow cannabis at all stages.

From seeding to harvesting, you have to be determined and enthusiastic about growing your own cannabis.

Finally, you will need two more steps, like drying and curing, to get the final product if you’re done with harvesting.

You can dry your cannabis buds in a ratchet strap by placing them upside down at average room temperature.

Lastly, use glass mason jars to store the buds for curing.

So, try to keep it for a few weeks, and your cannabis buds are ready to use.

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