The Correct Fountain Pen Gift

Lots of people write nearly every day, however when it involves really good writing, you can’t do much better than select a lamy 2000 fountain pen, because it does indeed impart some style and sophistication that just can’t be performed using a typical inexpensive ballpoint pen. The glad thing is that a good fountain pen is now available for quite a cheap cost, and that means you may have the benefit of having fine writing and never have to spend too much. There are a few costly models available on the market, and these can do great as presents.

Just what points have to be considered before investing in a fountain pen? Among the first things needless to say, is the price. If you are searching for something that you truly use on a day-to-day basis you, then ought to purchase something that is not costly. Because of the effect of modern production methods, many cheap fountain pens have a great nib, meaning you can get an excellent writing tool without having to pay out an excess amount. Because of the fact that many fountain pens use printer ink cartridges as well, it is super easy to refill.

However, if you are thinking of buying a fountain pen as something special, you will undoubtedly be seeking to spend more cash. In cases like this, it is worth considering a number of the fountain pens, which have a gold end nib, since they do lead to an excellent present. A fountain pen is something, which people could buy as gifts for life, and if you obtain this in one of the nice suppliers, you will be guaranteed that it will be fully guaranteed, occasionally with forever guarantee.

The great news is that nevertheless, high priced sorts of fountain pens also use cartridge refills meaning that you could have a fantastic and extensive fountain pen minus the problems of having to fill that from an ink box.


There are many online suppliers of the lamy fountain pen, which have a variety available to choose from. By taking some time and doing a little bit of study, you will find a pen to meet your requirements, from an economical model, to the mist of highly costly models that make exquisite gift ideas.

Why Switch To A Fountain Pen


Nobody wants you to create composing harder than required. Many people who utilize regular pens death-grip the handle as they write.  An excellent lamy fountain pen remedies over-gripping and will make cursive as convenient as or easier than printing. The fountain pen should not be clenched upon, however allowed to rest in your hand. Usually the tip of the nib is small compared to the end of a ballpoint, minimizing rubbing by showing less surface to the paper. The printer ink further decreases friction because of its slickness. On top of that, fountain pens work well at an all-natural angle, in contrast to ballpoints.



The fountain pen originated in 1879, and some lucky enthusiasts have the amazing pens from the 1880s and ‘90s that still write. In case well kept, a fountain pen develops simply no problems. Contemporary nibs, manufactured from stainless or gold with a welded iridium tip, are extremely difficult to weaken. The ink cleans off very easily, with an instant flush in either faucet or unadulterated water or a diluted solution of ammonia.


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