The CSP Bank Mitra is A Great Career Option for Educated Village Youths

It has been for long that educated rural youths have been migrating to the city in search for employment. You may have some similar plans but we would like to say that the government along with RBI has opened up alternative earnings scope closer to home. It is the CSP Bank Mitra post, which we are talking about and this is a major banking reform, which has seen the light of the day. The RBI has drawn up a full proof plan to expand with formal banking deep into the interiors. These areas generate plenty of cash but unfortunately due to the absence of proper banking channels, the villagers are duped by agents to dubious chit fund companies. It is a huge waste of cash resources for the country.

An insight into the scheme:

It is prior to discussing the scheme let us understand the reasons for the hinterland areas to be devoid of formal banking facilities for all these years. It is just simple that the hinterland has low population density and banking volumes are sure to be on a smaller scale. It is not profitable for a bank to run a fully staffed branch in these areas. It is precisely in such a scenario the CSP Bank Mitra concept seems to be a viable alternative. The bank mitra is a post, which you can always apply and this format is referred to as kiosk banking.

How is it different?

This format of banking is different because it runs on a much lower operational cost. The facility is run by an individual and unlike normal branches it is devoid of much manpower. The parent bank also does not invest in properties for the branch. It is the bank mitra who arranges for the CSP point. Due to the low operational cost involved around the kiosk bank theme, it is now easy to offer formal banking services in the hinterland. As an individual we would like to tell you that it is a great career option closer to home and you could always Apply for Oxygen CSP. It is without having to undergo any formal banking examination; you get to associate with the Indian banking sector. It is a lucrative career option and you must not miss out.

A guide on the criterion to apply:

You would be eager to develop a career in banking and perhaps planning to apply for Oxigen CSP. It is prior to the application; we would like to say that only educated but unemployed youths can place the application. The plan is certainly to penetrate the hinterland with formal banking but simultaneously, there is an effort to boost employment at the rural level. One will have to arrange for the CSP point and it could be an ancestral property. There is a need to invest in a basic office set up and one might also need to take clearances from the local police. This is the basic criterion, which you need to start operations as a bank mitra. The payout for such a post is lucrative and it is a great career ahead for you.

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