The Definitive Guide to Portable Accommodation Services

If you’re looking to provide a living and working space for your staff portable accommodation may be the best solution for you. In many cases, issues with commuting can be the biggest obstacle to efficiency and productivity particularly when it comes to large-scale, off-site projects. If staff members have to travel long distances, there is a real chance of delays due to traffic. Furthermore, if the site is located in an area that is remote it might be difficult for them to get to their destination on time. Get more information about Australian portable camps

Portable accommodation can help cut down on operating costs and decrease your environmental impact. These benefits make portable accommodation an ideal solution for sustainability-minded companies. Additionally, since portable accommodations are often flexible, you can adapt them to meet the specific needs of your team. You can also add additional cabins to your project if you require them. You can also modify your units in the middle of your project to make them more comfortable. You can pick from a variety of alternatives for mobile accommodation if need a fully-furnished, equipped kitchen.

If you are planning a corporate gathering or require temporary housing, Portable Accommodation Services can provide you with quality, affordable mobile accommodation. The company’s designers collaborate with you to modify the layout and design of the camp’s cabins, while providing plenty of additional accessories. The many options you have are floating floor boards, insulated Windows and a Fiber Glass Roof.

ABS also offers classes and certifications for Portable Accommodation Modules. No matter if you’re installing them on ABS certified vessels or installing them on the deck of a vessel, it is important that they comply with the relevant safety standards. Additionally, ABS has a vast network of surveyors around the globe to make sure that your modules comply with the standards of the USCG.

There are two main types of portable accommodation units (PAM) available on the market. One is the sleeper module. This type of portable accommodation is the most commonly used kind and can range in sizes from 20 feet up to 42 feet. These sleeper modules can have four, eight or even 12 beds. They also come with wet showers and toilets. Three wet units can be added to sleeper modules.

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