The designers also announced the brand new

The topics they spoke about The topic of the panel was the numerous, diverse new features Mists of WoTLK Gold, the next expansion for World of Warcraft , will bring to the game. The panel started by having designer Tom Chilton admitting that the previous expansion, Cataclysm, might not have offered many new activities to play. To that end, the expansion will attempt to “get people back in the world” with new features like player-versus-environment (PVE) scenarios (which will offer large-scale encounters outdoors), and it will also offer a completely revamped character talent system that Blizzard refers to as the “talent system 2.0,” which the designers hope will encourage players to play more with their talent choices, rather than sticking to a few “cookie-cutter” talent builds that are optimized for raids or player-versus-player (PVP) competition.

The designers also announced the brand new Pandaren continent, Pandaria that will comprise of five adventure zones that are which are laid out in a circular pattern within a central zone, a new zone for novices which will be constructed on top of a gigantic turtle. The concept of the concept is Pandaria is an island in the distance which was previously surrounded in magical mists. However, due to the ongoing war in the first continent of Azeroth between the Horde and Alliance factions The mists have dissolved and the combatants of both factions end up in the remote waters of Pandaria. The good news is that the expansion is set to introduce the new race of playable characters, the Pandarens along with lots of content that is high-level for those who have played Azeroth The continent will also have an auction houseand a bank and a questing hub , so players don’t need to go back to their homes to conduct their business.

Pandaria will be the most unique appearance and feel, a pan-Asian style. buy WoTLK Gold dwellers live in temples and pagodas constructed on top of misty mountain ranges and beneath waterfalls. It will be home to a range of new animals, including the fish-man Jinyu as well as the monkey-like Hozu as well as the tiny and aggressive rabbit-like Verming as well as the sentient giant insects called the Mantid as well as the muscular-headed Mogo who was the continent’s first inhabitants and the Sha which is which is the expression of negativity that will exponentially increase in size when the rival factions of Horde and Alliance are in.

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