The Different Flavors of American Club Expanded Pipe Tobacco

If you were to ask smoking enthusiasts about their tobacco for the fall season, you’d find that premium blend names such as Good Stuff, Ohm, and American Club tobacco often top their shopping list. They make their choices based on quality, flavors, prices, and value.

American Club Tobacco offers an extensive range of variants, all of which maintain its manufacturer Lake Erie Tobacco Company, commitments to providing smokers with a satisfying smoke experience. Here are the top variants of this premium smoke blend.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Red

This flavor is the original tasting variant of the American Club Pipe Tobacco.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Blue

This flavor is one of the smother blends of American Club tobacco. It’s an excellent substitute for smokers who find the original smoke blends too strong.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Green

This flavor gives off a satisfying cool taste thanks to its menthol feel.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Grape

This variant features the finest of what Burley tobacco has to offer mixed with a grape flavor.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Cherry

Are you a fan of grapes? Smokers who are, often make this variant their top pick.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Peach

This variant gives off a sweet peach taste to fans of the popular fruit.

American Club Pipe Tobacco Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world. Lake Erie Tobacco Company combines this taste with that of quality tobacco in this variant of American Club.

Qualities These Flavors Share

No Bitter Aftertaste or Lousy Odour

You don’t have to worry about experiencing a bitter aftertaste or an awful smell after smoking a bag.

Affordable Price Rates

You can buy these flavors at an affordable price from e-commerce outlets. Click here for more information.

More Value

You’ll get more value for your money with any flavor you choose from the lineup as they possess 33% more volume than the average blend. This quality stems from Lake Erie producing their tobacco using a natural and chemical-free expansion process.

Excellent Ratings

All flavors enjoy excellent ratings and reviews from smokers on top e-commerce stores such as Smokers Outlet Online.

Final Thoughts

Lake Erie ensures that smokers with distinct palates get to indulge in a satisfying smoke experience, thanks to their broad range of flavors. You can get this premium tobacco and other top brands on Smokers Outlet Online at affordable price rates. Visit them here for more information.

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