The Different Tasty Types of Georgian Wines

The Georgian Republic is a Eurasian nation known best for its old tradition of wine making. The best known red grape variety from the Georgian Republic is the Saperavi or Georgian Saperavi. This is just one of the wide varieties of grape fruits found in the country and utilized when making wine.

It’s important to know the different kinds of wine available in the Georgian Republic, especially when looking for the type of wine best suited for your taste.

Saperavi Wine

Just like all the wines in this list, the Saperavi wine comes from the Georgian republic. Its name originated from the georgian-language word that means “dye”. This is a highly appropriate nomenclature since Saperavi grapes are known for its strong staining property. Most Georgian Saperavi wines are barrel matured and have been known to produce age worthy wine quality. The best Saperavi wine comes from the region of Kakheti near the eastern border.


Unlike the Georgian Saperavi wine that uses Saperavi grapes, The fruits of an Ojaleshi grapevine are ruby coloured. This translates to a brightly red wine that is semi-sweet. This is commonly served with red fruits. Some even serve it with pepper and spice. Ojaleshi wines are aged in bottles. This creates a dry red wine with a fairly complex flavor.


Unlike the first two examples, the Mitsavane grapevine produces a pale yellow fruit which makes a beautiful white wine. It is often blended with Rkatsiteli. This blend creates a fruity and aromatic wine. Its name is derived from a Georgian word which could either mean new or green.


Another great white wine grape variety is the Rkatsiteli. This breed of grapevine is very old. Some people believe that Rkatsiteli was first used for wine making millennia ago. Although it’s commonly mixed with the Mitsvane, the Rkatsiteli is best enjoyed with a side of Saperavi. This variety of wine is world-renowned. It played a significant role in a lot of Soviet-aligned countries. In places like Ukraine, Rkatsiteli is known to be the top white-wine variety.


In English, its name means without name or nameless. It is an indigenous grape variety. In this culture, its name can also mean “priceless” or “beyond words” which is highly appropriate because its flavour is sometimes described as unparalleled. The grapes used for this wine variety often grow on mountain slopes. Harvesting is one of the biggest challenges and they’re usually harvested in small volumes. In fact, only three tons of ingredients are harvested every year. This makes Usakhelauri wine scarce and expensive.


Depending on how it’s produced, Chinuri wine can be very aromatic. This can be caused by their naturally high acidity. It is also known for its sparkling effect. Other ways of producing Chinuri wine is through Qveri style which makes it tannic and relatively muskier.

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