The Division 2 beta start date, beta access and everything else you need to know

                                  The Division 2 beta start date, beta access and everything else you need to know

Far ahead of its release on March 15, 2019, players will get another golden chance to fight their way through the violent streets of post-pandemic Washington DC. Popular game The Division 2 will host an open beta beginning on March 1, 2019, and it will run until March 4, 2019. You can check out the open beta trailer on the official website as well as youtube.

You will get a bit more to play with as compared to what was available in The Division 2’s private beta version. The cap of the level has been increased to 8, and there will be an additional mission in the early game, for a total of three main story missions. There will also be five small side missions, a PvP skirmish mode, a Dark Zone, plus open world exploration in the available portion of the area map. There will also be access to an additional skill in the open beta version, the Chem Launcher, which uses explosive vapor and riot foam.

What will be featured in The Division 2 beta version?

Though Ubisoft has not confirmed what is in the open beta version, it is highly likely it will be the same as the contents of the closed The Division 2 beta version, see the following:-

1. Two main story missions. (playable in Hard and Normal)

2. Five small side missions and various other activities in the open world map.

3. One out of the three major Dark Zones is playable.

4. PvP in Conflict mode Skirmish.

5. One Invaded mission (end-game content) and a higher grade level cap of 30 with new Sharpshooter, Survivalist and Demolitionist specializations from Friday, February 8th from 4pm GMT.

The Division 2 beta start date, beta access and everything else you need to know

How does this size up to the beta version from the original game? That featured a gameplay segment close to the beginning of the game, and featured a handful of the main story missions with the ability to play in four player co-op. It also featured The famous Dark Zone, The Division’s take on a player versus player zone. The sequel will probably do something in a similar way.

The open beta version will also include access to higher grade level 30 characters and one endgame mission, which provides players a chance to try out the three agent specializations and meet the new powerful invading faction, which is called the Black Tusk. Here are many more details from Ubisoft.

Everything else you require to know about The Division 2:-

Fresh off its complete reveal during E3 2018, we know the few first details about The Division 2, including:-

1. A brand new location, shifting from the New York City to Washington D.C.

2. It is not just a location change, but a seasonal one, moving from snowy winter to the hot summer.

3. There were a few locations that are confirmed, an overgrown zoo where survivors of the series smallpox plague were sheltering, through to streets surrounding the major Capitol building and a glimpse of an Air Force One that is crashed.

4. A release date of March 15th, 2019 on all three major platforms – PS4, PC and Xbox One.

As for when it starts, check out the start times, preload times and end times on the official website of The Division 2. You can also take a look at what the Division 2 performance analysis showed about the kind of hardware, which you will need to run it.

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