The Dos and Don’ts After Eyelid Surgery

Does your droopy eyelid make you look like you are always sleepy? Does your eyelid make it impossible for you to open your eyes properly? Or does the excess skin under your eyes make you look older than you are? If you relate to any of these things, you don’t need an anti-aging cream but blepharoptosis treatment Cyprus.

We understand you might have heard a lot of things about eyelid surgery like it leaves ugly scar, it is very expensive or it can give chronic dry eyes. It is obvious to get scared if you listen to all these things. But we want to tell you that these are just myths and the after results of eyelid surgery are beautiful. So, if you are ready to get rid of the bagginess under your eyes, schedule your appointment with the best surgeon today.

But before you do so, we want to tell you a few things about this surgery so that you can be prepared. These are the things that you should do and avoid after getting eyelid surgery. So, let’s get started.


Ø After the surgery, you should have enough stock of post-operative supplies in your home so that you can immediately apply it if needed.

Ø You should apply cold compresses on the operated area for a couple of days.

Ø Take all the medicines on time as prescribed by your doctor.

Ø Try to protect the operated area from direct UV rays.


Ø Do not lift heavy objects 3 to 7 days after the surgery.

Ø Do not apply any medicine that is not prescribed by your doctor.

Ø Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if needed.

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