The Doyens of the Contemporary Chlor Alkali Industry

Aditya Birla Chemicals is a name to reckon with for the Chlor Alkali industry in the country. This business at the company ensures the production of a vast lineup of products which have widespread applications including production of both paper and pulp along with production of hydrogenated fats and steady purification of water. Companies under the Aditya Birla Chemicals stewardship that take care of Chlor Alkali product manufacturing include Grasim Industries and also the Aditya Birla Chemicals subsidiary in Thailand. There is caustic soda lye which is manufactured by the company and is also called sodium hydroxide. It is used for the production of paper and pulp along with detergents, soaps, zeolites and viscose fiber. It also takes care of production of food additives along with textile processing, production of dyes and other organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals including phosphites and sulphites and also aluminum refineries.

There are caustic soda flakes which are manufactured by the company as well and these are bereft of any dirt, foreign matter or other impurities. The applications are vast including usage throughout aluminum refineries, soaps and detergents, viscose fiber, pulp and paper, textile processing, organic chemical making including dyes and also production of inorganic chemicals including phosphites and sulphites. Chlorine is also manufactured for treating water along with making products like PVC (poly vinyl chloride), sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, Phosgene, Silicon dioxide, Ferric chloride and others.

Hydrogen is also manufactured and is a by-product that is released at the time of production for caustic soda. The gas then undergoes treatment before being compressed for various purposes including hydrogenation of edible oils for creating Vanaspati and non-edible oils for soap-making. There are other purposes including hydrogenation of petro-products for manufacturing of hand lubricants along with sintering in the making of tungsten carbide based tool bits and also for powder metallurgy, underwater plasma and gas cutting, hydrogen peroxide production and propulsion of rockets. Food-grade hydrochloric acid is used for manufacturing food ingredients, additives and also in the brewery and sugar industries while industrial grade is deployed for various uses including treating leather and refining petroleum. It is also called muriatic acid or hydrogen chloride and comes with diverse applications including metal pickling, dyes, petroleum refineries, floor cleaning items, latex coagulation, breweries, sugar refining and water treatment among others.

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