The Dress Shoes and Boots Every Man Should Have in Their Closet

A man’s closet is full of all sorts of things. From shirts to pants, belts, ties, and more, what you keep in your closet can say a ton about your style and how you spend your time. If you attend formal events often or just like to look extra spiffy, dress shoes hold a special corner of your closet. You’ve got the black oxfords, but have you covered all of the bases? Let’s take a look at the essential dress shoes for the man that likes to mix things up.

Home Page Images_Holiday_03_V02Slip-On Loafers

Slip-ons might seem casual because they’re easy to get on and off, not to mention effortlessly comfortable, but the simple loafer offers a clean, relaxed look for everyday wear. You can also dress loafers up for more formal events, especially if they feature an ornamental piece like a buckle. Plain black loafers are popular and versatile, but you can also go with brown options for your lighter suits and more casual days.

Chelsea Boots

Who said boots couldn’t be formal? Whether it’s cold outside or you just want to break the mold, Chelsea boots have a classic, elegant look that goes with almost everything, From slacks and a button-down to jeans and a T-shirt, you can rock these mens boots for a variety of occasions. For your first pair, you might want to go with classic black, but options such as suede look great too.


Brogue shoes have a deceiving name since “brogue” actually refers to the process of making the perforated accents along the shoe. You might also know them as wingtips or just those fancy-looking oxfords your buddy likes. Whatever you know them by, they are a style that every man should have for those fun dress-up events. Whether it’s the company holiday party, a wedding, or a first date, these shoes will look the part.

Monk Straps

Probably the most distinctive mens dress shoes you can own are monk strap loafers. They offer the same comfort and flexibility as traditional slip-on loafers but with a bit of extra flair from the monk strap. You’ll typically find these shoes with one or two straps stretched across the upper with a shiny buckle to boot. If you want something a little more polished and exciting than oxfords, these are the way to go.

Sneaker and Dress Shoe Hybrids

Sometimes, we want to have that put-together look of dress shoes, but they might be a bit too formal for the occasion. Or, if you plan on standing on your feet all day, you want a little bit more flexibility and breathability. The solution is a dress shoe sneaker hybrid. They’re a little bit more casual than your standard oxfords, but they have similar silhouettes with more flexible soles, breathable uppers, and a more casual style.

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