The Emirates Women’s Day Narratives and Objectives

Women in the United Arab Emirates have been working to make their nation proud in different aspects of life including business, industry, leadership, and politics. Women empowerment programmes have been established to make UAE an ideal state. To bring women on the front line the UAE events for women 2021 has been a great initiative. Emirates women’s day is celebrated every year to remind the power of females in developing a nation.

Emirates women’s day

This event was first celebrated on 15th August 2005 when the mother of the nation and wife of Sheikh Zayed, Fatima bint-e-Mubarak launched this. She has worked for females and children and was chairperson of “Family Development Foundation”, president of “Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood”. This event commemorates the “General Women’s Union UAE” held in 1975. Now every year this day is celebrated on 28th August. The purpose of this event is to encourage women’s development programs and empower UAE females in society.

Here a contradiction develops whether international women’s day and Emirates women’s day are the same or not. Both these events and celebrations days are different as international Women’s day is celebrated worldwide on 8th March while Emirates women’s day is celebrated in UAE on 28th August every year.

UAE Women’s day event 2021

The UAE events for women 2021 including their women’s day or other women empowerment events are focusing on the upcoming challenges for females in their professional life. The events of last year were majorly aimed to bring females into political, social, and managerial positions in UAE. there were many business opportunities and entrepreneurship programs that were introduced during the events of the year 2021. In spite of the career opportunities, UAE is also providing a safe and protected environment for women in every field of life.

Hooks of UAE Women’s Day

The actual motto of this women’s day event was declared by Sheikha Fatima as “Women: Ambitions & Inspiration for Next 50 Years”. It was renewed by the UAE president Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan as “Year of the 50th”. This event was focused on women empowerment programmes in UAE and helped local females to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this celebration is to thank lawmakers and women’s rights activists to defend their leadership and executive positions.

These events and conferences organized worldwide are encouraging young girls and females to prove themselves worthy in their respective fields. This enhanced gender equality and women’s empowerment and reduced the risks of gender discrimination and traditional social norms. There are many other organizations that are working privately in UAE for women’s and children’s rights and protection.


In this modern age, women are more enthusiastic and focused on their work as compared to male workers. There is just a need for the push for those females that are still facing social barriers and family restrictions. Women empowerment programmes are established worldwide to counter these risks and obstacles. In UAE events for women 2021, there were many exhibitions, conferences, and seminars held to motivate local females and offer them better opportunities in life.

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