The Epic Games Store Remained Down for 8 Hours

As a horde of fans tried to get GTA for free, the outage persisted for eight hours
The Epic Games Store remained down for almost eight hours, but now the issues have been solved. The fans can now download Grand Theft Auto V available for free till May 21st. The Epic Game store was opened with the launch of an unnamed game available for free on the platform. However, very soon, it was disclosed that the free title is Grand Auto Theft V. The news regarding the launch of GTA V as the free title was revealed in the official tweet of the Twitter account of Epic Games. After getting the information, many people flocked to claim the free title, resulting in an outage of almost eight hours. The Epic Games Store acknowledged the outage at eleven o’clock in the morning in its official tweet. According to the official tweet by the Epic Games Store, the blackout continued till midnight.

Meanwhile, heavy traffic to Epic Games Store also affected many other services of the platform. According to the official account of Fortnite on Twitter, it was claimed that the Epic Games Store is investigating the issues on Mac and PC. Later, the platform mentioned that its users of Android and iOS have also been facing the same problems that arose on the Epic Store. Also, the online game players of mobile games, of the platform Battle Breakers, are facing issues. However, the status page of the Epic Game Store made it clear that the case with both Battle Breakers and Fortnite has been solved, and they are operational now. Epic Game Store is offering the fans to claim the Premium GTA V edition, including the complete story of GTA V. Moreover, the fans can claim all the existing content and gameplay upgrades along with GTV Online. Apart from these, the studio, along with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, has announced that it will give a bonus of $1,000,000 in cash, including additional content for Grand Theft Auto V Online.
Before you move to claim a copy for yourself, it is worthwhile to know that you will need to enable two-factor authentication to claim the free titles. Also, the Epic Store is providing a complete guideline on how to enable two-factor authentication for a specific account in case you need it. It is not the first time that the platform is giving away free titles to its fans. The Epic Games Store has launched several free titles for its fans since its launch PC in the year 2018. Moreover, the platform has said it will continue giving away the free titles and games to its fans in the year 2020.
 Grand Theft Auto is a role-playing video game based on action and adventure. Rockstar North developed it, and Rockstar Games published it in the year 2008. The game revolves around San Andreas, a fictional state in Southern California. The story of the game is following three friends who are under the pressure of some powerful crooks. These desperados are committing heists in the fictional state of San Andreas.
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