The Equipment You Need to Make the Most of Farmers’ Markets as a Vendor

Farmers’ markets have a lot to offer creative small and family business owners. They draw farmers, artisans, artists, crafters, restaurants and all sorts of other local businesses and entrepreneurs. They usually offer significant foot traffic, and they’re an opportunity to connect with the local community. Farmers’ markets are also great for meeting like-minded people and business owners, plus they’re a lot of fun. To get the most from the experience, be sure to have the right equipment on hand. The right equipment means everything from a hand cart or hand truck for moving stock to a good book for lulls in the action.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.58.57 AMSignage, Staging, and Displays to Draw Attention

Farmers’ markets are a kind of alternative retail environment. They’re a less formal retail dynamic than the average business operates in, but it’s still a good idea to try and stand out. It’s a difficult balance to strike, between the casual, low-pressure environment and your need to make sales. Even the best products won’t draw sales if customers don’t notice the seller, but no one wants to feel pushed upon at the farmers’ market. That doesn’t mean you should go with just a tent and a table. Create colorful, eye-catching signage to catch attention. Include small shelves and other display options to show off your best-looking stock and stage your goods attractively. If you find you’re asked the same questions over and over again, save time with an FAQ and pricing sign.

Equipment for Efficient Loading and Unloading of Stock

Generally, you won’t have much time for setup and teardown before and after the event. Getting everything ready in the morning can be stressful and rushed if you’re not prepared to unload your stock and supplies. Before the farmers’ market begins, consider what transportation equipment is the best fit for your setup and your inventory. What kind of terrain will you be crossing with this equipment and how much of it? For heavier loads like your canopy and stacks of boxes or bins, hand trucks are a great option. For looser stock and lighter fare, a hand cart, a wagon, or even a wheelbarrow might do the trick. These tools will save your back, and your time on the day.

Packaging, Storage, and Organization for Products

If you stock foods, especially fragile and perishable foods like fruit, veggies, and eggs, consider padded boxes for protecting egg cartons and produce. For larger stock, stackable plastic bins are convenient and space saving. Plastic storage tubs can come with snapping or locking lids, can be watertight, and stackable for easier transport. They can be used with organizational inserts to keep products separate within the bin. Just be sure that whatever storage option you land on works with your transportation equipment. For instance, a hefty stack of plastic bins can be moved in one trip with a hand truck.

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