The Equipment You Need to Optimize Your HVAC Final Mile Service

Running back and forth to a warehouse, supplier, or office for parts, equipment, and information wastes both your and the customer’s time. Instead, make sure you have everything you need for the final mile for delivering and installing HVAC systems. From installing AC units to water heaters, here’s the equipment you need in your HVAC service truck to optimize your final mile service.

600x600 Image-1Hand Trucks

The classic hand truck is perfect for moving stacks of boxes and other smaller pieces of equipment, either from the warehouse to the truck or from the truck to the job site. For bigger appliances, such as a water heater, you may need an appliance hand truck. As the name implies, it is meant for larger loads, such as appliances and bigger boxes than a classic hand truck can safely handle.

Extra Common Parts

From circuit boards to hoses and motors, it’s worth storing extra parts that are common in your vehicle. The key is “common,” as some parts may not be needed as often, and could sit in the truck wasting space. If you need to carry an assortment of parts or bigger boxes, consider using a convertible hand truck, which converts from a classic upright hand truck to a horizontal platform, perfect for moving odd-shaped parts from the vehicle to the job site.

Reciprocating Saw and Blades

A reciprocating saw can cut through just about anything an HVAC tech will need to cut through, making it invaluable to have in the truck. Be sure to keep extra blades, as well, for when a blade inevitably dulls.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill will likely be your best friend for any number of tasks. A battery-powered drill offers portability and versatility. Keep backup batteries on hand to ensure it lasts the day, and don’t forget a bit set.

Mobile HVAC Software

Be sure you have a tablet outfitted with HVAC software in the truck. This can help in providing estimates, communicating with the office and customers, and provide help with logistics, such as scheduling, equipment records, and service history.

Multi-Meter and Voltage Tester

HVAC systems are connected to electrical systems, and that means you need an electrical tester. This can verify whether a wire is live, can measure voltage and resistance, and conduct other electrical tests. It’s essential for your safety.

Vacuum Pump

Keep a vacuum pump on hand to suck moisture and air out of AC lines and help determine whether a line has leaked before trying to charge the system.

Tin Snips and Shears

Since you will be working with sheet metal, make sure you have tin snips and shears ready for the task at hand.

About Magline

For more than 70 years, the word “Magliner” has been a byword for the best equipment available to those working in material handling. In fact, Magliner equipment is such an industry standard, the name is often used to reference any hand cart. Don’t be fooled, however: There is simply no substitute for Magliner quality, dependability, and ease of use. Along with the traditional Magliner hand truck, they offer a diverse selection of specialized equipment, including their stair climbing cart line, walk behind forklift line, and an electric hand cart line for heavier jobs. For delivery, warehouses, trucking and logistics, and any other task that requires hauling something, there’s a Magliner for the job.

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